Want to Win the Holidays? Start Early with these Essential Consumer Insights

Win the Holidays All Year Long.

This year, research into holidays and occasions was the most requested topic among our clientele of America’s top brands. Many of the calendar holidays are cultural touchpoints that represent billions of dollars in consumer expenditure each year. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, St. Patricks day, Kwanzaa or Christmas – our research can help you understand which audience has the largest buying potential – and how to reach them.

Before you dive into specific holiday insights, take a minute to review the three learnings below that reveal general holiday attitudes among consumer segments.


Consumers value both tradition and individualism in their celebration, particularly Hispanic and African Americans. Show consumers that you understand this tension by illustrating how these segments can use your brand to individualize holiday traditions.

Multicultural holiday flair
What holidays Multicultural consumers celebrate


Hispanic and Asian consumers are less likely to celebrate “traditional” American holidays like Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. To win with these consumers around these holidays, focus on segment-relevant themes such as immigration and family.


Consumers are least likely to take offense at brand advertisements that activate on cultural holidays related to their race/ethnicity. If you choose to activate on a cultural holiday, use authentic members of the culture to communicate that the relevant segment is okay with the activation to diffuse concern from other segments.

When it is inappropriate for brands to advertise

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