This Is How Multiculturals Approach Breakfast & Brunch

Need to get your brand to the top of the morning? Read along and download the report to learn more about the nuances of what Hispanic, African American, and Asian consumers eat and drink for the most important meal of the day.

In The Food and Beverage Revolution, we at Collage learned that convenience and health are the two factors driving breakfast decisions. But we wanted a second helping of insights that could go deeper into what choices multicultural consumers are making with their morning meals, as well as how they’re approaching the increasingly important occasion of brunch. To learn more, we asked a series of questions across two nationally representative samples, each with roughly one thousand respondents and multicultural/youth over-samples. These consumers gave us more than a taste of their breakfast and brunch behaviors.

1. African Americans have the largest gap between the perceived importance of breakfast and its actual consumption

Breakfast gap is noticeable in Black and Hispanic consumers

2. Multicultural consumers are most likely to see brunch as an opportunity to “treat themselves”

How multicultural consumers view brunch

Can you guess which segments complete each insight? Download a sample of the research to see the answers.

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