Day of the Dead: A Time for Tradition

Day of the Dead is an important Mexican holiday that often gets tacked on to Halloween advertisements.

We heard from many brands that they do not completely understand this holiday or their right-to-play in the space. Our latest research on holidays and occasions helps elucidate how Day of the Dead differs from Halloween, how consumers celebrate it, and solid brand activations around the holiday. Download a sample of the research:

1. Hispanics who celebrate Day of the Dead perceive it as more traditional and religious than Halloween. Do not conflate Day of the Dead with Halloween. Day of the Dead activations should incorporate traditional and religious elements such as creating altars and visiting graves.

Day of the Dead Insights

2. Day of the Dead is a predominantly Mexican holiday, and the way consumers celebrate varies by acculturation level. Utilize social media for low-cost, targeted activations that highlight acculturation-specific nuances in Day of the Dead celebrations.

Unaccelerated Hispanic consumers are more likely to be creative on Day of the Dead
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