Feast on This: Generational Insights on Thanksgiving Celebrations

THANKSGIVING: the classic foodie holiday everyone knows and loves. Make Thanksgiving stand out by activating on these generational insights that reveal some untraditional perspectives on ways consumers celebrate Turkey Day.

Thanksgiving is a widely celebrated and lighthearted holiday that presents brands with an opportunity to stay top-of-mind with consumers before holiday shopping rolls around. To appeal to Gen Z and Millennial consumers, segments that prize authenticity and experiences, brands need to show up in a genuine and engaging way. In summer of 2019, Collage Group fielded a survey to 2,800 people and analyzed the data to help members understand how to connect authentically with these young consumers around a variety of holidays. Below are three learnings from this research initiative that will help you connect with Gen Z and Millennials at Thanksgiving.

1. Gen Z and Millennials increasingly spend Thanksgiving with friends, reflected in the growing popularity of “Friendsgiving.” Use this as a secondary opportunity to activate consumers around the Thanksgiving holiday and stretch the time span of holiday consumption.

“Who do you celebrate Thanksgiving with?”

Who generations celebrate Thanksgiving with 

2. Almost half of consumers do not drink alcohol with their Thanksgiving meal. Appeals to alcohol consumption are best targeted at Millennials and coincide with the “Friendsgiving” narrative. For a family-centered approach, highlight other ways the holiday is festive, such as baking or watching football together.

“What do you tend to drink on Thanksgiving?”

What generations drink on Thanksgiving

3. Younger cohorts value nontraditional activities to celebrate Thanksgiving such as spending time with friends or shopping. Present younger consumers, especially those age 23-28, with opportunities for a holistic and unique shopping experience that doesn’t require them to sacrifice family time.

“What do you need to do to celebrate Thanksgiving properly?”

What generations need to celebrate Thanksgiving

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