Help Yourself to a Second Serving of Thanksgiving Insights

Our latest research on Holidays and Occasions identifies where segments differ in their Thanksgiving attitudes and behaviors. Commonly associated with family time and eating turkey, this holiday actually has segment-specific nuances that brands must understand in order to win multicultural consumers. 

Here are three key insights from our findings that will help your brand authentically and effectively connect with multicultural consumers on this special day.


African Americans’ have bigger Thanksgiving celebrations and incorporate more non-food elements. Use activities like watching football and watching a parade as opportunities to connect with the segment. Reflect the wide array of activities in your content to show you understand them.

What do you need to do to celebrate Thanksgiving properly?

What Multicultural consumers need to celebrate Thanksgiving


Both Hispanic and African Americans are more likely to involve non-family members in their Thanksgiving celebrations. Highlight the friendship and community component of Thanksgiving when activating with these segments.

Who do you celebrate Thanksgiving with?

Who Multicultural consumers celebrate Thanksgiving with


Both Hispanic and African Americans see Thanksgiving as a time for reflection. Do not be flip in your activations—your message should clearly connect with the holiday’s spirit of gratitude and the many ways people recognize this.

What do you need to celebrate Thanksgiving properly?

How Multicultural consumers celebrate Thanksgiving

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