Online Qualitative Research Answers In-Person Fieldwork Disruptions
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With the coronavirus crisis disrupting most planned in-person fieldwork, our existing online qual expertise at Collage Group has allowed us to seamlessly support clients despite quarantines.

We have been able to continue tracking changes to consumer behavior through cost-competitive, online qualitative research services. Our comprehensive suite of tools makes it easy to engage with hard-to-reach segments across the nation, in multiple languages, wherever they are. Explore the benefits of leveraging our online research, including quicker turnaround times, in-the-moment feedback, rich insights and much more:

Online qualitative research is not a new concept for Collage Group. Our depth of experience goes back 8 years, with more than 60 online qualitative studies that apply more than 10 different online methodologies.

Our expertise and best practices allow us to implement highly engaging and insightful sessions.

Our RIVA-trained, in-language/in-culture moderators and analysts have extensive cross-cultural knowledge and unparalleled Hispanic expertise. We are equipped to uncover true drivers of behavior for any segment in any industry.

We use specific interview techniques that enable our responders from different ethnic groups to obtain breakthrough insights across segments.

We have the ability to engage some of the hardest-to-reach segments through a unique community of highly engaged consumers.

Our selection of online tools is powered by the best user-friendly platform providers, allowing you to innovate with different methodologies.

If you are interested in scheduling a scoping call or would like more information around our online research capabilities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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