Cultural Fluency Product Spotlight: Apple Music

One of our key findings from this study is that many media brands fail to resonate with multiple cultural segments. This is likely due to the highly saturated media space (there are 1,000s of channels to choose from) and the fact that many channels are targeted to specific segments and don’t aim for total market appeal. Nevertheless, there were a few brands that did resonate widely like the streaming music service Apple Music. This brand did very well across Multicultural segments.

Why does Apple Music perform so well with Multicultural consumers?

One reason Apple music performs so well with multicultural consumers is because of high brand trust. When you look at the different components broken down on the chart below, you’ll notice that all segments rank Apple Music around or above average on trust. This makes sense: Apple is a well-regarded brand with huge name recognition and is known as a pioneer in the digital music industry. When Apple launched the Apple Music service in 2015, they already had a reputation for quality music products from iPod and iTunes – Apple Music was the next logical product. And it looks like they’ve been able to maintain and extend their users’ trust with this high-quality music service.

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BCFQ Apple Music Components

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