Four Group Traits that Best Characterize Hispanic Consumers

The Hispanic segment accounts for most of U.S. population growth over the past decade, primarily driven by U.S.-born Acculturated and Bicultural Hispanics.

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By 2060, Collage projects Hispanic consumers to represent 28 percent of the total U.S. population. To capture this growth, brands and marketers must deepen their understanding of the Hispanic consumer segment.

Across the last several years, Collage Group has been developing powerful new tools to help brands become more Culturally Fluent.  Our Cultural Traits are central to this effort. These data-driven tools provide measures of cultural variation that reveal insights into the similarities and differences across consumer segments.  Collage Group members use these tools to build more efficient general market campaigns, as well as more effective dedicated activations. 

The four Group Traits that best characterize the Hispanic segment are Cultural Duality, Optimism, Warmth, and Tuned-In.

1. Cultural Duality

Cultural Duality captures the feeling of being both “American” and simultaneously identifying with another culture or heritage. Individuals exhibiting this Group Trait constantly find new ways to both keep old traditions alive and redefine American culture in their own image.

Although Hispanic Americans firmly believe in keeping and cultivating their cultural heritage, they have had to adapt culturally as immigrants and minorities. As a result, duality is their reality—they seamlessly navigate both worlds with a cultural fluidity that is easy and authentic.

Hispanic consumers strongly identify with their Hispanic and American identities

2. Optimism

Optimism refers to the proclivity to see one’s future as full of opportunity and promise.

Rather than worrying about the possibility of things going wrong, individuals exhibiting this Group Trait are confident that, in the long run, their problems will work themselves out and their lives will continue to improve.

Despite adversity and current anti-Hispanic sentiment, Hispanic Americans are still optimistic and hopeful about their future in the U.S., as a population and on an individual level. They challenge themselves to achieve success and trust that hard work will get them there.

Hispanic consumers are optimistic

3. Warmth

Warmth conveys one’s desire to prioritize having personal and “human” relationships with those around them. Individuals exhibiting this Group Trait want others to be as comfortable as possible in their presence, regardless of how long they’ve known one another or the specifics of their interactions.

Hispanic Americans place high value on creating warm, friendly, informal relationships with everyone they know and meet. The focus on informality doesn’t negate the existence of hierarchical roles or deference to authority—rather, it allows a bond of mutual respect, understanding, and trust to form. While this trait is slightly stronger in older Hispanics, younger Hispanics will likely embrace it as they age.

Hispanic consumers want warm relationships with acquaintances 

4. Tuned-In

Tuned-In represents a desire to keep up with the current cultural moment, especially when it comes to entertainment. People exhibiting this Group Trait are more likely to seek out and participate in the latest of trends and popular culture, and to have little shame in going along with “mainstream” tastes.

Provide Hispanic consumers new opportunities for entertainment

Hispanic Americans are open-minded and adventurous. Their lived experience adapting to cultures and their optimistic attitude culminate in a desire to insert themselves into the mainstream. They want to both understand and contribute to the current moment. And for as much as their environment shapes them, they equally wield influence.

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