LGBTQ+ & Gender Program Launch: Spotlight on Women

The LGBTQ+ & Gender consumer research program is the latest offering from Collage Group. Watch a replay of the webinar and view the data from our most recent study on women consumers.

Watch a replay of the webinar.

Key Insights into Multicultural Moms presentation title

Beginning in 2021, we will be exploring consumer trends across the LGBTQ+ community and deepening our insight into gender with a dedicated focus on women consumers, while covering transgender, non-binary and other segments where applicable.   

As always, our research reflects a total market perspective, meaning that we will compare these segments to non-LGTBQ+ and men where applicable and relevant. In this special webinar presentation available to members and non-members alike, we reviewed our recent research on multicultural moms, as an indication of the content we will be generating on Women.

Women are largely responsible for purchasing consumer staples, drive over 80% of consumer purchasing in general, effectively amounting to $7 trillion in expenditure, according to some estimates.

We have already generated ~150 pages of content covering insights on women as consumers for nine major industries, as well as unique cuts of data on social and political change, the importance of identity for women, and their expectations of brands. We have generated a similar amount of content for the LGBTQ+ community. 

In this presentation we highlight one analysis from our recent analysis of moms. 

Women are more anxious and less adventurous than men

We highlighted the power of our cultural traits modeling to “double click” into demographics to get a deeper understanding of cultural drivers.  Consider first this overarching comparison between women and men, noting that women are notably different in a few areas: higher on anxiety, lower on Exceptionalism and lower on adventurousness.

But before concluding gender identity is the driver, lets double click into Millennial and Gen X, comparing Moms and Non-Moms. 

Immediately we see that age must be factor as Millennial and Gen X women are notably higher on Exceptionalism than all women in general, whether Moms or Non-Moms. 

And motherhood must also be a factor as Millennial and Gen X Non-Moms are much lower on Compliance than their peers who are moms, and also all women in general.

Moms are less anxious than non-moms

Finally, we note that Hispanicity has significant effect on the profile as well.

Hispanic Moms are notablely lower in Anxiety and higher in Rootedness than any of other segments shown, including Hispanic Non-Moms.  This sequence of insights enables marketer to transcend stereotyping to identifying the meaningful variations and what might be driving them.

Motherhood and Ethnicity drive low anxiety among Hispanic Moms

These charts provide a clear example of the power of our methods for measuring cultural variation, providing marketers with insights into ways that build authentic connection through culture.

In the coming months we will be publishing new findings on the Passion Points and Cultural Traits of this community.

Members of Collage Group’s LGBTQ+ & Gender program gain access to:

• Ten or more NEW reports released throughout 2021 (1 – 2 times/month).

• Research and insights covered by our comprehensive Essentials of LGBTQ+ Consumers and Essentials of Women Consumers, comprising demographics and expenditure, cultural traits, passion points and media habits.

Our research will provide useful answers to brand questions, including:

Which ad themes and strategies resonate among these segments and why?

How do I engage the modern American woman?

What are the primary passion points for LGBTQ+ and women consumers?

How do LGBTQ+ and women consumers engage across consumer industries?

What are the latest socio-political trends among these segments?

How are Americans across gender and sexuality using social media and streaming platforms?

What are the latest health and wellness trends for women and LGBTQ+ consumers?

What has been the impact of COVID on consumer attitudes within these segments?

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