Reach Cultural Fluency Through LGBTQ+ Cultural Traits

The LGBTQ+ community is growing, skews young, and has tremendous buying power in the U.S. (estimated at $1 trillion).


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Engage LGBTQ+ Cultural Traits

 This key consumer segment includes at least 12 million American adults, a number likely to grow rapidly as American culture becomes more accepting of diverse sexual and gender identities. To capture the growth and influence of these consumers, brands and marketers must deepen their understanding of the LGBTQ+ consumer segment.

Across the last several years, Collage Group has been developing powerful new tools to help brands become more Culturally Fluent.  Our Cultural Traits are central to this effort. These data-driven tools provide measures of cultural variation that reveal insights into the similarities and differences across consumer segments.  Collage Group members use these tools to build more efficient general market campaigns, as well as more effective dedicated activations.

Cultural Traits are divided into two complementary methodologies:
• Cultural Attributes: Provides a broad and powerful cultural profile of target segments and individual consumers.
• Group Traits: Offers a detailed and nuanced look at cultural variation by “zooming in” on the way that cultural attributes are expressed within each segment.
Engage LGBTQ+ Cultural Traits

You can learn more about the Cultural Traits for the LGBTQ+ segment, as well as in-market examples of brands activating on these insights by filling out the form above.

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