Leading National Health Care Retailer Leveraged Cultural Transformation for Business Growth


Like many businesses, a national health care retailer recognized the dynamic transformation underway in American culture.

In 2020, the combination of the social justice movement and the COVID pandemic hit home especially hard, with so many of the retailer’s staff on the front lines. Across the enterprise, they took action, reflecting a deeper commitment to honoring America’s culturally diverse voices.

For the health care retailer’s Enterprise Insights team, they recognized a one-time investment in a research project or consultant was not enough. As the needs of the organization and of the consumer change too quickly, the company needed the support of a long-term partner.


• Align around best practice multicultural research standards and ensure Culturally Fluent research is practiced across the enterprise.

• Socialize culturally sensitive approaches to multicultural insights, to enable diversity, inclusion and marketing performance.

• Stay nimble to the organization’s emerging educational needs, and quickly hone-in on high-impact research opportunities as they emerge.

Multicultural Woman pharmacist


Collage Group designed a partnership solution for the health care retailer, leveraging a suite of research products and nimble service models, which included:

  1.  Access to the Multicultural consumer research platform, for regular outputs of research on trends across culture into Hispanic, Black and Asian consumers.
  2.  Expert support via “SME-Hours”, which includes access to in-cultural subject matter experts, seasoned marketing consultants, and research professionals to address ad hoc needs.
  3.  Custom Research & Consulting Credits applied to “Black American Learning Series” for the staff, to educate and elevate the experience and voices of Black Americans specifically.
Healthcare takeaways


Insights gleaned from the health care retailer's partnership with Collage are now applied across the company, including in events sponsored by Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President of Workforce Strategies, its diversity team, in ads produced by its marketing team, and via in-store initiatives to ensure the company's customers and staff are treated fairly and equitably.

Healthcare takeaways

Through the approach, the health care retailer made progress in five areas. These included:


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