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Activating Hispanic and Black Consumers


A prominent health insurance company consistently struggled to enroll members of the multicultural population in a specific state.

Open Enrollment represented the perfect opportunity to reach Hispanic and Black consumers, traditionally among the most underserved communities in the state.
The company’s primary goal was to enroll more Hispanic and Black consumers in three key markets. The secondary objectives were to understand the barriers to entry in health care for these segments and utilize grassroots marketing to grow awareness and trust among these segments.

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Collage Group quickly delivered relevant members-only insights to get the marketing team up to speed on multicultural strategies.

1.Syndicated research uncovered how these consumers viewed the U.S. health care system, including areas of skepticism and understanding  of how the provider/payer system works. 

2.Collage Group surfaced data regarding how key health care decisions are made, such as how family plays a key role in the decision-making process for both segments and how important Spanish-language information is to Hispanics.

3.Partnering with our Client Services team, the member developed strategies using some of our recommendations for finding and activating multicultural influencers, following multicultural consumers’ digital leads, and activating locally.

Happy Black Woman patient getting a shot administrated by a happy Woman doctor


Multicultural enrollment was a key objective in the campaign. In the two years since the company began this initiative, they reached their target goals for both Hispanic and Black enrollment. The initial results that got them there included:

• Renewed strategic focus on the right channels to reach Hispanic and Black consumers – and the content to highlight in campaigns (i.e. mobile unit trucks, more mobile campaigns, partnering with local influencers).

• More strategic and enhanced local activation campaigns designed to reach consumers where they are.

• Marketing budget pivots: Due to insights gathered, the company altered their D&I marketing budget to invest more in mobile marketing campaigns and local promotions.

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