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Finding Growth Opportunities Among a Multicultural Segment


A prominent U.S.-based food company had been carefully curating a positioning strategy for a multicultural segment to explicitly match what they were hearing from consumers through their research.

But sales was reporting a different story: competitors were stealing market share.

The challenge: they needed to go beyond the surface to capture what consumers weren’t telling them.

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To get deeper, faster – Collage Group had a head start. By leveraging our existing consumer research database of more than 70 million data points, we quickly moved to address the brand’s specific issues.

1. Our depth of research and best practices in our syndicated database illuminated attitudes and behaviors of the segment, including trends in home cooking.

2. Collage Group’s custom solutions team conducted qualitative interviews in key metro areas and honed in on perceptions of the product in relation to competitors, as well as cooking habits and sources for inspiration. Our in-situation observational approach brought the consumer’s relationship with the category to life and allowed us to explore beyond reported answers.

3. To vet and prioritize findings from the qualitative work, we launched a quantitative survey to ~1,000 multicultural consumers in this segment.

Hispanic mother and daughter cooking


While the brand’s positioning worked in theory, we found that it overlooked how key multicultural consumers use the product(s). Going behind the scenes enabled us to explore how this consumer segment actually connects to the brand through a unique lens.

Based on our findings, we delivered:

• A new creative brief leading with a deep understanding of how to execute with cultural fluency top-of-mind, preventing the brand from executing a strategy that generates backlash.

A renewed strategic focus on the right channels to reach this multicultural consumer segment – and the content to highlight in campaigns.

A distribution strategy and pricing schemes to build awareness and loyalty.

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