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A leading global portfolio of top alcoholic beverage brands needed to deepen their understanding of culture.

Their North America operation launched an initiative in 2019 to future-proof their brands through a comprehensive “Cultural Fluency” audit of 20 brands including select competitors.

The brand’s goal was to build the organizational capacity to understand younger, intrinsically diverse LDA consumers, a segment Collage Group defines as the New Wave.  The mission was to drive brand growth while providing a platform for motivating internal change.

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Primary Research Objectives:

• Understand key cultural traits of the New Wave Americans, aged 21– 40, and validate them for the alcoholic beverage category.

• Identify where traits and values resonate across diverse segments as well as where they diverge.

• Build a framework and set of principles that can be applied to creative executions across the company’s portfolio.

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Collage Group developed a Cultural Fluency Roadmap to guide the brand in achieving their business objectives. This included:

  1. Quantifying the Cultural Traits of target consumers for their spirit categories. Building in additional layers to understand nuances across age, gender, ethnicity and shared experiences.
  2. Mapping the Cultural Traits of each target consumer segment to key brand equities, to identify growth opportunities and help to prioritize which segments brands should work to address and in what way.
  3. Providing deep creative evaluation of ~20 executions from the brand’s portfolio and competitors, to better understand the “why” behind how these Ads performed across diverse segments, while establishing key metrics for success.
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Through this intentional approach to becoming more culturally fluent, our client achieved success in two areas, including:

  1. Deeper cultural understanding of how to drive resonance among growth consumer segments, in particular Hispanic and Black consumers.

  2. Key lessons for creating culturally fluent creative and evidence to validate the power of integrating nuanced multicultural insights in authentic stories, that will resonate across a broad audience.
Two Black Women drinking wine

Through Collage Group’s superb client communication and Ad testing, Collage was able to identify key intersections in the Cultural Traits shared by both Hispanic and Black consumers. These included values around generosity, optimism, and community – that were all highlighted within the execution. 

Their ad’s tight storyline and clear messaging over-indexed among consumers across all races and ethnicities, as measured by Collage Group’s CultureRate product, and performed especially well with Hispanics.

These insights enabled the brand to learn exactly why their campaign was a success.  Most importantly, the analysis revealed a key set of cultural principles that could be applied to future executions to make other brands more successful in expanding their consumer base as well.

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