Five Lessons from Culturally Fluent Ads | TMRE Presentation

At the TMRE @ Home conference we were honored to present an excerpt of our analysis of 100 ads, gathered across the last 12 months, that identified key lessons from those that are Culturally Fluent among the New Wave of Americans aged 18-39.

In this analysis of data from our CultureRate:Ad database, we focus on ads that cross the Cultural Fluency threshold for all four major demographic groups to identify key lessons that can improve creative performance.

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Our top findings include the following:

1. Obey the Basics: Stay Attuned to Your “Right to Play” to Avoid Confusion and Boredom​

2. Create Texture with Realistic Vignettes of Multicultural Segments

3. Show Firmness and Values About What’s Happening Now

4. Authentically Show the “Human Truth” of Connection to Resonate with All Segments

5. Activate on the “Cultural Truths” of Specific Segments to Drive Deeper Resonance

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Five Lesson from Culturally Fluent Ads deck example

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