How LGBTQ+ Americans Engage With Family

All Americans value family, but that doesn’t mean it’s one-size-fits-all. Read on to understand the nuances within LGBTQ+ people’s family lives to improve authentic representation and effective connection on the path towards Cultural Fluency.

Human beings are social by nature – this is universally true. No matter our background, we all crave connection. We value family and anchor our lives to our loved ones. Our research confirms that family matters to everyone but is experienced and expressed differently across segments and cultural backgrounds. Read below for several key insights on how LGBTQ+ people engage with family and then download the research for the full picture.

1. There are more LGBTQ+ families than ever before. In just the three years between 2016 and 2019, the number of married same-sex couple households in the United States increased by 61%, and same-sex unmarried partner households increased by 18%. More and more same-sex couples are also raising children.

The amount of LGBTQ+ couples and families are rising

2. LGBTQ+ people highly value representation of themselves and their families in media and advertising. Two thirds of LGBTQ+ Americans—significantly more than others— say it is important to them that advertisements represent families that look like theirs. And more than 40% of LGBTQ+ Americans want to see more non-traditional family structures represented in marketing content.

LGBTQ+ consumers want themselves and their families to be represented in ads

3. Every family has its struggles. Sadly, for LGBTQ+ people these struggles can stem from a lack of acceptance from their Non-LGBTQ+ family members. LGBTQ+ people are also significantly more likely to report that arguing about politics is an issue in their families, as well as not supporting each other’s interests and spending too much time distracted by technology.

Hardships LGBTQ+ consumers experience within their families

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