Become Culturally Fluent & Future-Proof Your Brand for Growth | IDEA Forum Panel

At the 2021 IDEA Forum, hosted by the Insights Association, we were honored to host two special sessions centered on helping brands continue their journey to cultural fluency.

Explore an excerpt of the Multicultural Terminology report. This is a selection of a much larger, deep dive available to members of the Multicultural consumer research platform.

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Attendees heard directly from Collage Group members during “Become Culturally Fluent and Future-Proof Your Brand for Growth.” In a panel hosted by Collage Group CEO and Co-Founder David Wellisch, brand leaders shared how they are seizing this moment to embrace cultural fluency as the foundation of their work.

A special thank you to our esteemed panelists:

Lisa Frison, Enterprise Strategic Diverse Initiatives Leader at Wells Fargo & Company. In her role, Lisa leads cross-functional teams responsible for strategies and initiatives that identify, attract, and retain new and existing relationships for diverse customers.

Daniel Ramos, Director of Nickelodeon Digital Consumer Insights at ViacomCBS. In his role, Daniel tracks digital trends among families, provides user-centered research support, and conducts landscape studies on education, gaming, apps, podcasts, smart speakers and more. His most important and impactful work to date is a 2-year-long study on kids and race/ethnicity titled “Shades of Us.”

Aaron Steele, Senior Director of Analytics & Insights at Procter & Gamble. As part of his role, Aaron co-leads some of the total company equality and inclusion efforts. He has spent 15 years at P&G, dedicating his work to nine iconic brands, including Tide, Bounty, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essences, Febreze, Dawn and Cascade.

Watch the replay to hear panelist answers to key questions, including:

• Do corporations have a responsibility to support consumers across race and ethnicity, generation, sexual orientation, and gender? Can brands afford to remain on the sidelines?

• What steps you are taking to authentically engage and support America’s diverse consumers, amplify their voices, and drive change?

• What is the current relationship between Diversity and Inclusion and Diverse Segment Marketing – and do you think that will change in the future?

• What do you think diverse consumer segments – and the majority of Americans – are looking for from brands?

• How do we maintain this momentum for change?

Collage Group leaders dove deeper in a second session, “Understanding & Embracing Multicultural Terminology,” where attendees learned how to engage culture with a deep understanding of the words that define it.

Presenters, Zekeera Belton, Vice President of Client Services and Diverse Segment Strategist and Bryan Miller, PhD, Senior Director of Product and Content, shared insights into consumer reaction to terms like Latinx and BIPOC, the nuances of Hispanic vs. Latino and Black vs. African American. They also explored the labels and/or identifiers each consumer segment prefers and double-click by age, gender and more. Attendees walked away with enhanced vocabulary and insights for cultural resonance beyond specific groups to cultural fluency across many diverse consumer audiences.

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