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Insight in Action: Establishing Brand Positioning by Engaging Black Cultural Traits

Learn how the world’s leading brands are applying Collage Group’s consumer insights to drive cultural resonance in advertising.


The CMO of a major alcoholic beverage company tasked a team with surfacing the mega-trends shaping the multicultural audience. The CMO wanted the team to refine or rethink brand positioning for the entire portfolio of wine and spirits brands based on these insights.

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Using Collage Group’s proprietary data into the cultural traits of Black consumers, the task force recognized that category-specific insights about the attitudes and behaviors of Black wine consumers did not conflict with those of its Black spirits consumers as long as those insights were grounded in an understanding of Black cultural traits overall.


Collage Group provided category-level detail to deepen appreciation for Black consumers across the entire portfolio of alcohol brands.


Understand Black consumer attitudes to wine drinking and resolve why these differ from attitudes to spirits drinking.

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Category Essentials-Alcoholic Beverages revealed a range of distinct insights into Black consumer attitudes to wine drinking and, in particular, toward developing Connoisseurship and Expertise.


To connect the dots, Collage’s deep dive into cultural insights allowed brand leaders to interpret the category-level detail into a broader strategy and application of the insights.


  1. Immerse in the Black cultural experience.


1. Webinars and presentations on Black Cultural Traits provided deep insight into the Realness, Self-Expression, Perseverance and Ambition traits that were used to inform how category-specific insights from spirits and wine could be unified.

2. Understand how Black consumers project influence.

2. Webinars and presentations on Cultural Influence outlined how the Cue-taking, Expertise and Trendsetting traits manifest differently across segments.


With a deep understanding of Black Cultural Traits, the team was able to establish a foundation for understanding Black consumer wine attitudes and preferences.


Armed with Collage Group insights, the multicultural task force team members found a way to unify seemingly disparate category consumption insights about Black consumers that had emerged separately from the wine and spirits divisions. The team was able to combine a deeper understanding of the Black cultural trait of Realness with the Black consumer orientation toward Expertise and Trendsetting to establish a foundation for understanding Black consumer wine attitudes and preferences. Furthermore, the team was able to see that these behaviors activated on different facets of the same underlying set of insights into Black consumers that informed Black spirit consumption.

As a result, the entire wine portfolio is now being positioned to activate Black consumers through connoisseurship, as distinct from how the spirits division activates Black consumers through a different set of group traits. 

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