Unlock Your Brand’s Potential With Industry-Specific Insights on Diverse Consumers

The life of American consumers seems to have only one constant – change. Does your brand have the unique industry insights needed to harness the power of cultural intelligence to win diverse America? 
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August 10, 2023
Jack Mackinnon – Senior Director of Cultural Insights

To help brands stay up-to-date with industry trends, Collage Group provides our members with timely and relevant learnings to fine-tune their consumer research and marketing strategies to engage across race/ethnicity, age, sexuality and gender. These reports evaluate consumer attitudes and behaviors across specific consumer goods industries:

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Our Category Essentials leverage large-sample consumer research surveys to provide a view of the category-specific trade-offs and consumer goods considerations facing today’s diverse consumers.

Segmented by race, ethnicity, generation, sexuality and gender, our studies call out timely and relevant findings from each category, and provide deep insights into high-growth segments: HispanicBlackAsianGen ZMillennialLGBTQ+, and Women.

Equipped with this research, insights and marketing leaders turn insights into impact with a deep dive into topics of interest and importance for your category’s buyers, thus effectively engaging high-growth consumer segments.

Collage Group’s Cultural Intelligence Platform delivers deep insights into how diverse consumers’ values, behaviors, and responsiveness to brands and ads impacts your industry. Over 300 brands, representing 12 industries, leverage the Collage Group consumer research platform to understand and win consumers across race, ethnicity, generation, gender, sexuality and parent-child relationships. Make cultural fluency part of your brand’s DNA and drive awareness and love for your brand beyond your competition.

Transform your marketing and brand strategy with the most comprehensive cultural intelligence insights on the market. Contact us today to start your journey to cultural fluency with Collage Group.

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Jack McKinnon

Jack McKinnon

With more than 15 years of diverse consumer research experience, Jack Mackinnon offers deep expertise in Multicultural, Generational, LGBTQ+ consumers, and their intersection. Jack’s research extends into exploring culture-at-large, investigating broader societal trends not easily categorized into typical areas of research.

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