Collage Group Launches New Software Solution,, Offering Instant Access to Brand-Specific Cultural Insights

Our all-new, AI-powered, SaaS application gives marketing and insights professionals access to deep insights grounded in 12+ years of research.

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October 31, 2023
David Wellish – CEO and Co-founder

I’m incredibly excited to announce our all-new, AI-powered software solution, fluen.ciSM, providing instant access to culture-centric, brand-specific insights for marketing and insights leaders at America’s iconic brands. Grounded in more than 12 years of rich, cultural research, promises to unlock the consumer insights needed to provide direction and validation for brand growth and the competitor and industry comparisons necessary to win diverse American consumers, our country’s growth driver.

We built to answer the challenge brands face marketing to a culturally diverse, fragmented country. The AI-powered application offers our members instant access to deeper, more actionable, brand-specific consumer insights. These rich cultural insights illuminate a brand’s performance across all consumer segments, compare performance to competitors, and connect the performance data to deep consumer insights for action and growth.

The application offers key functionality with no equivalent in the marketplace: is connected to Collage Group’s rich and unrivaled cultural research. Users can connect their brand data to actionable, diverse consumer psychographics, values, beliefs, habits, and attitudes. dashboard screenshot

Further, will allow brands to deep dive into multi-dimensional audiences, to uncover actionable insights on consumer cohorts, including Black Gen Zers and LGBTQ+ parents, among other intersectional audiences, and use this data to identify the opportunities that drive growth.

Fueling the fresh brand-specific data in, Collage Group is constantly testing thousands of brands and ads among diverse consumers to explore how they perform across the key components of Cultural Fluency ­– the ability to use culture to effectively and efficiently connect across consumer segments.

Greg Cypes, Chief Product and Technology Officer, led the Collage Group team of engineers who developed the application, which is built on top of best-in-class technology. Speaking to the value of the product, Greg says:

“ enables brands unprecedented access to cultural insights. Combining the precision of 12+ years of research pioneered by Collage Group with bleeding edge AI/ML technology, members now have actionable insights and data at their fingertips. Simply put, because the app helps brands create more culturally resonate products, messages, and campaigns, we’re enabling marketing and insights professionals to maximize the impact of their investments.”

The application was built with the vital input of nine Collage Group iconic American member brands who have lauded the AI-powered software solution as “invaluable context for interpreting and acting on insights,” and “crystal-clear data visualizations that illustrate where the brand is doing well or performing poorly – and what to do about it.”

In June 2022, Collage Group raised $25 million in growth capital led by Boston-based growth equity firm Wavecrest Growth Partners with participation from industry veteran and investor Dennis Ainge.

The investment in would not be possible without the support of our investors, the incredible talent and commitment across our team, and our member partners. I’m incredibly proud to release, and help solve the challenges brands face around the fusion of brand performance and consumer insights that position them ahead of the curve.

Learn more about and schedule a demo to find out how the AI-powered solution can fuel growth for your brand.

David Wellisch

David Wellisch

David Wellisch is CEO & Co-Founder of Collage Group, the leading source of cultural intelligence about diverse consumers. Since the inception of Collage Group in 2009, David has led the company through growth, now serving more than 300 brands in across 12 industries. David is passionate about entrepreneurship and company building, and often works directly with members to help guide the integration of diverse consumer insights and marketing strategies.

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