Engage Hispanic Consumers: How Culture Shapes Buying Behavior

The attitudes, behaviors, and motivations of Hispanic Americans have already begun rewriting the marketing playbooks created for Multicultural consumers and will be for decades to come. Discover unique perspectives and motivations through their evolving identities and actionable Group Traits with our 2024 research, now including trended data.

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March 29, 2024
Elizandra Granillo – Senior Analyst, Cultural Insights

Hispanics play an indispensable role in shaping American culture. The segment is incredibly diverse, increasingly Multiracial, and has the highest purchasing power among Multicultural groups. Brands wanting to reach Hispanic consumers have to work hard to keep up and engage the values and issues that matter most to this growing segment.

Our latest study, now including three-year trended data, explores three key areas of our consumer fundamentals research: identity, cultural context, and Group Traits to help your brand authentically connect with Hispanic consumers.

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What Surprised Us

After collecting data on Group Traits and cultural values for three years, we’re now able to spot important cultural shifts with even more nuance.

Since 2022, Hispanics are prioritizing deep social connections in a new way. Cultural values associated with close relationships—Close-knit (“I consider someone family if we are really close, even if we’re not related.”), Community-seeking (“I seek out ways to connect with people who have similar lifestyles and interests as me.”), and Mentorship (“I actively work to elevate and improve the lives of those in my community.”) —have all significantly increased in resonance. In addition to more Hispanics agreeing with these values, Bicultural Hispanics are also now more likely to see their identity through the lens of their role in the family.

Why It Matters

Family and relationships have always played a big role in Hispanics’ lives, but as the segment grows and diversifies a desire for close relationships is growing too. Many of these values are driven by Bicultural and Heritage Leaning (Unacculturated) Hispanics; two growing subsegments with a distinct affinity for the importance of family and tradition.

The Big Picture

  1. Hispanics are increasingly proud of their cultural heritage. Their active engagement in their family’s cultural customs and traditions reflect pride, warmth, and knowledge of their growing influence in U.S. culture.
  2. Technology is an important connector for Hispanics. Deep personal connection and activism matter to this segment. They embrace technology’s role in helping them build communities, learn about specific issues, and achieve their dreams.

Key Insight #1: Cultural Duality Group Trait

Hispanics feel a strong personal connection and pride towards both their Hispanic and American identities. They embrace the complexity of these two identities through the practice of their heritage and pride in their contributions to American culture.

Do This:

– Showcase how the segment contributes to American culture while maintaining their heritage and country-of-origin traditions in your advertising.

Key Insight #2: Positivity Group Trait

Hispanics are driven, goal-oriented individuals. They feel optimistic about their future by staying rooted in their community.

Do This:

– Connect community to success in your messaging when marketing to Hispanics to resonate with the segment.

Key Insight #3: Engaged Group Trait

Hispanics embrace different cultures and perspectives. This attitude shapes their desire to constantly engage with social causes that matter to them.

Do This:

– Engage in the sociopolitical issues that matter to the segment (e.g., the environment), and find ways to get Hispanics involved in your efforts.

Key Insight #4: Trail-Blazing Group Trait

Hispanics are trendsetters who embrace change with an innovative attitude.

Do This:

– Highlight your brand’s commitment to innovation to speak to the segment’s desire for change, and create opportunities for Hispanics to co-create with your brand and share their ideas.

The world’s leading brands turn to Collage Group to build trust with this critical consumer segment and more. Contact us below for additional studies on how to connect with Hispanic Americans, and to learn how to make your brand a winner with today’s consumers.

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Elizandra Granillo

Elizandra Granillo

Elizandra is a Senior Analyst on the Collage Group’s Cultural Insights team, responsible for Multicultural consumer research.​ Her previous experience includes ethnographic research across the Tijuana-San Diego Border Region.​ She is a 2020 graduate from San Diego State University, where she received a B.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology.

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