LGBTQ+ Market Research

Collage Group’s LGBTQ+ market research and consumer trends help brands engage the LGBTQ+ community, a growing segment that skews young and has tremendous buying power.

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How do I engage LGBTQ+ consumers?

The LGBTQ+ community is estimated to include at least 12 million American adults.

Collage Group’s LGBTQ+ market research shows that the LGBTQ+ community will continue to grow in both size and share of total population as society becomes more accepting of differing gender and sexual identities. Growth is expected to be greatest among younger consumers who feel more comfortable self-identifying as LGBTQ+.

This segment also has money to spend – in 2017 their purchasing power was estimated at $917 billion.

LGBTQ+ Consumers

The Latest in LGBTQ+ & Gender Consumer Trends

Woman with LGBTQ pride makeup smiling upwards

How Great Brands are Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Reading Time: 2 minutes. Collage Group is delighted to have hosted more than 100 consumer insights professionals for a conversation with diversity, marketing and research leaders from Google, AARP, E. & J. Gallo Winery and U.S. Bank.

Black person's hands wrapped in rainbow headband

Essentials of LGBTQ+ Consumers

Reading Time: 3 minutes. Collage Group’s Essentials of LGBTQ+ Consumers presentation explores three areas of our consumer fundamentals research: demographics and segment context, identity, and Group Traits.

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