Brand Insights

Improve brand health and advocacy by leveraging your strengths against the competition. Enhance the lasting impact of daily decisions with the deepest cultural insights. Understand your brand’s cultural fluency and build marketing strategies and campaigns that deliver the Halo Effect to grow revenue.

Measuring Cultural Fluency

CultureRate:Brand and CultureRate:Ad offer a superior way to assess how your brand and ad campaigns rank among diverse consumers compared to your competitors. Our deep oversample of diverse segments offers brand leaders rich insights into how consumers experience their brand(s) and ad(s) across race and ethnicity, age, sexuality and gender.


CultureRate:Brand measures brand performance using our proprietary Brand Cultural Fluency Quotient (B-CFQ). Learn how top brands leverage this insight to take action to target growth segments and create new markets.

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CultureRate:Ad measures brand performance using our proprietary Ad Cultural Fluency Quotient (A-CFQ). Learn how top brands build culture into the beginning of creative development to leverage the Halo Effect, driving higher purchase intent.

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Assess, Understand & Drive Action

  • Brand Love

    Assess Brand Love for your brand against the competition by diverse intersectional segments. Understand why key segments love your brand, how to build on that strength and how you could target new growth segments to drive purchase intent for your brand.

  • Head-to-Head

    Compare your brand’s performance on awareness, B-CFQ, purchase intent, brand favorability and momentum. Quickly identify strengths and gaps so you can take action to grow your brand among your core and growth segments.

  • Future Purchase Intent

    Measure past and future purchase intent of your brand compared to competition. Understand exactly which intersectional segments have brand favorability but have not yet purchased (for example), so you can take specific actions to drive growth.

  • S.W.O.T. Analysis

    Assess your brand’s market position relative to competitors to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to improve perception and resonance among the fastest growing consumer segments. Prioritize where to take action based on impact.

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Accelerate your brand’s growth with fresh, actionable cultural insights – available as an always on, self-serve, subscription-based solution with cultural expert consultation options.

Brand Solutions

Brand Health & Advocacy

Understand Brand Lovers and Brand Sentiment by intersectional segments. How does your brand health compare to competition? Identify actions to take based on the why behind consumer behavior to improve brand resonance, authenticity and advocacy.

Brand Solutions

Advertising & Media Effectiveness

Measure A-CFQ to understand why your ads are performing or not. How do top brands develop the most effective campaigns? Build culture into the beginning of the creative process to achieve the Halo Effect and drive future purchase intent across different segments. Identify specific actions to optimize your media mix and targeting to reach growth audiences.

Brand Solutions

Brand Growth

Measure future purchase intent among your current and future growth segments. How does your brand stand up to your competition? Understand your brand’s B-CFQ and act on key drivers to improve trust, fit and resonance. Leverage cultural insight from the beginning in your ad creative development process to achieve the Halo Effect, increasing future purchase intent across multiple diverse segments.

Brand Solutions

Competitive Advantage

Understand your brand vs competition on cultural fluency, awareness, resonance, fit, trust, past and future purchase intent, and S.W.O.T. How can you better differentiate your brand and where do you have a right to win? Leverage cultural insights to build on strengths to grow your brand and address weaknesses among growth segments who value your competitive point of difference.


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