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Educate and Inspire

Cultural Fluency is an imperative in today’s diverse America, no less so because of the COVID-10 pandemic, and our Virtual Cultural Fluency Workshop can help get you there. 

Led by our subject matter experts and providing up to two days worth of presentation and workshop facilitation, your team will come away with: 1) a strong foundation in Cultural Fluency so you can be relevant, authentic and connected; 2) an understanding of the cultural group traits and learning gaps that help priorities for your category and brand; and 3) insights from our AdRate and BrandRate methodology to help identify the executional steps you need to become culturally relevant to your consumers.

Find the Opportunity 

Our approach to finding growth is fundamentally about matching growing consumer segments with unmet needs. It all starts with a rigorous market assessment, to understand size-of-prize via organic growth. Next up, identifying unmet needs, evident gaps in the portfolio, and opportunities for activation with under-served consumers.

Category Overview
Competitive Benchmarking 

Master the Consumer

Collage Group’s in-culture, bilingual moderators are experts in bringing your brand into consumers’ homes. Our best-in-class, cost-competitive online solutions allow your team to walk in the shoes of your consumers for rich and actionable insights. We dive deep into consumers’ beliefs, attitudes and values to understand what drives them and their purchase decisions. From online discussion sessions to mobile ethnographies and shop-alongs, Collage Group is the preferred partner for companies looking to understand the multicultural consumer.

Online Qualitative Research
Consumer Zoom-In
Quick Quant Segmentation
Empathy-Building Immersions

Perfect the Execution

We’re not an agency—but we understand the content and campaigns that hit the mark with high-growth consumer segments. We test concepts and creative using the right consumer sample—and we know how to do testing to account for unique multicultural and youth complications, such as acquiescence bias.

Total Market Communications Toolkit
Pricing Optimization 
Concept Development Support 
Tracking and Measurement