Gen Z & Millennial Market Research
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How Are Gen Z and Millennial Consumers Different?

An intrinsically diverse youth segment (ages 18-39) has emerged over the 40-year cultural transformation in the U.S. These Gen Z and Millennial consumers, referred to as the New Wave, are highly invested in their beliefs and passions, and orient toward inclusion and diversity not seen in older generations. 

Cultural fluency is key to engaging authentically with these younger consumers as they are developing their tastes and brand loyalties. Download the report above, and read below for all the latest insights on Gen Z and Millennial marketing.

The Latest in Gen Z and Millennial Consumer Insights

Amplify Word-of-Mouth Impact in the New Wave

The New Wave—the young, diverse segment of Americans aged 18 to 39—value word-of-mouth and engage it more than older Americans. In this study, we share two steps and five tactics that brands should leverage to drive word-of-mouth in this segment.

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Motherhood in the Age of Social Media

While consumers of all ages and backgrounds engage in social media, Millennial and Gen X moms participate in specific social media behaviors that marketers and insights professionals need to understand.

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