Generational Research | New Wave
Through our market research we have identified an intrinsically diverse market segment of consumers aged 18 – 39, referred to as the New Wave. Our research dives deep into this segment's spending, passions and trends.

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What is the New Wave?

The New Wave includes both Millennial and older Gen Z consumers who represent an intrinsically diverse market segment of consumers aged 18 – 39. These consumers are among the first in American history to be defined by the multicultural experience.

New Wave consumers are highly invested in their beliefs and passions, and orient toward inclusion and diversity not seen in older generations. Cultural fluency is key to engaging authentically with these consumers as their tastes and brand loyalties continue to evolve.

Our BrandRate and AdRate studies, specifically, dig deep into this consumer segment, revealing essential insights on trends, preferences and more.

The Latest in New Wave Consumer Trends

The Top 7 Most Culturally Fluent Brands of 2020

American consumers are experiencing a cultural transformation of unprecedented scope and scale. The pressure is on to rethink marketing with a focus on authentic connections that tap into culture, identity and emotion. This rapidly evolving landscape requires a new approach to assessing and building brands, centered on what we refer to as Cultural Fluency.

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