CultureRate:Brand Explorer

A tool to reveal and rank the Cultural Fluency of brands

Explore how different segments view brands on the Brand-Cultural Fluency Quotient (B-CFQ).*  Identify any brand in the database and compare it to the top ten brands on B-CFQ or Awareness, in any category.

How to Use the Tool:

  1. Select any Brand (or no brand) from the drop down
  2. Choose reference Category (industry) for comparison
  3. Select Top Ten Type, either:
    1. Top 10 CFQ: Displays the Cultural Fluency Quotient for each demographic of up to ten brands with the highest levels of culture fluency, averaged across all demographics
    2. Top Ten Awareness: Displays the Cultural Fluency Quotient for each demographic of up to ten brands with the highest levels of awareness averaged across all demographics
Fill out the form for more details on your brand, competitors and/or category rankings.

How to Read the Report

View the CFQ Threshold and Cultural Reach scores by moving the toggle to the right.

    • The CFQ Threshold is calculated at the top tercile of all brands in the database for each demographic and is represented by a horizontal blue bar. A brand score above the CFQ Threshold is considered to be culturally resonant with that segment.
    • The Cultural Reach of each brand is also displayed above each demographic grouping. This shows the number of segments for whom the brand is resonant. A Cultural Reach score of 4 for all segments by Race/Ethnicity indicates the brand is Culturally Fluent for that grouping.
Green circle logo

Brands with the green circle are the highest ranked by CFQ

Red Circle logo

Brands with the red circle are the lowest ranked by CFQ

Grey vertical line logo

The vertical grey bar notes the highest and lowest ranking brands across all categories for that demographic

Blue line logo

The horizontal blue bar represents the CFQ Threshold. If a brand is above line, it is doing well on cultural resonance. If a brand is below this line, it needs to improve cultural resonance. View the threshold by moving the toggle to the right.

Dots with colored outlines

The dots with the colored outlines are brand you’re exploring based on your selections. If you mouse over the dot you will see the name of the brand and its B-CFQ score.

*The Brand-Cultural Fluency Quotient incorporates six component scores measuring Personal Relevance, Trust, Brand Advocacy, Memories, Shared Values and Product Fit.  These components were selected in an analysis of 20 possible factors in numerous combinations. We selected the set that reflected the optimal balance of factors that could be considered cultural and which collectively best predict increased purchase intent and brand favorability.

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