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Diwali 2021: What Should My Brand Do?

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Better Serve and Engage Cultural Segments

Equipping leading organizations to better serve and engage the fastest growing and most influential segments in the U.S. today: Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans, and Cultural America

Our focus is America’s cultural consumers—whether they are identified by race, ethnicity, or affinity—because we believe these consumers represent the future.

We don’t just describe the what, but go deeper to find the sociological and anthropological reasons behind the big shifts driving the future in Cultural America.


Represent more than half of the growth in consumer spending in the U.S. today


The diverse Asian population is growing faster than any other segment


African-Americans are the most important cultural influencers in the U.S., driving a disproportionate share of earned media

Cultural America

Culturally open, engaged, and influential Americans don’t have to be non-white; Represent over 50% of Americans who “opt in” to multiculturalism

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Diwali Celebration
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Elements of a Latinum Membership

Proven Strategies

On-Demand Insights

Curated Case Study Library

Rich Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Proven Strategies

Know what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to cultural marketing strategy

Activate growth in a constrained domestic growth environment by leveraging the fast-growing and most influential segments. Our strategic framework, Marketing Across the Cultural Continuum, helps CMOs, Brand Managers, and Marketing leaders quickly diagnose and fix problems across the entire marketing value chain, from Strategy, to Operations, Insights, Product Development, and finally execution.

On-Demand, Client-Driven Insights

The insights you need, when you need them

You drive the research agenda. Every three weeks, we publish a new research study, with the topic driven entirely by the network. Clients are interviewed for each study, in many cases adding specific questions to primary research. The final result is a deep-dive, knitting together a rich blend of proprietary and secondary data to help clients immediately take action. Each question is also entered into our Insights Designer tool for totally customizable access.

Curated Case Study Library

Treasure trove of studies across product development, advertising, content generation, and sales

Find the best examples of cultural marketing, tagged across a number of key dimensions. Clients can search the database, or read our monthly digest to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and must-knows when it comes to multicultural.

Rich Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Collective intelligence of thousands of multicultural experts

Participate in peer circles—non-competitive groups of companies where clients can discuss urgent issues and get real market feedback. For more in-depth benchmarking, we facilitate blinded studies to gather best practices and data on pressing topics—from agent recruitment best practices to which agencies are best and which to avoid.


Syndicated Research Studies


Bilingual, Multicultural-Optimized Surveys in the Database


Companies in the Latinum Network

Selection of Syndicated Deliverables, 2016-2017

  • Achieving Total Market Success: Breakthrough Insights Through Effective Execution

  • Multicultural Shopper Marketing: Navigating the Grocery, Personal Care, and Household Goods’ Aisles in Today’s Digital World

  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Consumer Lifecycle: Trends and Insights

  • Understanding the Perceived Value of Higher Education: Attitudes and Behaviors Related to College and Post-Graduate Studies

  • Bicultural Hispanics’ Insights Handbook

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Culturally Authentic Content

  • Authentic Cooking: What Authenticity Means to Cultural Groups

  • Multicultural Consumers’ Health and Wellness Needs and Behaviors

  • The Essentials of Asian American Marketing – Part 1

  • Consumer Engagement with Telecommunications

  • Convenience Store Marketing and Consumer Perceptions

  • The Modern Family: Multi-Ethnic, Urban, and Multi-Generational Households

  • The Essentials of Asian American Marketing – Part 2

  • Perceptions of Insurers and Preventative Medical Care Habits among Multicultural Consumers

  • Understanding Financial Needs and Habits of Underserved Consumers

  • Marketing Mental Floss: Consumer Oral Care Habits and Attitudes

  • The Language of Customer Service: How Bilinguals Interact with Representatives

  • Furniture Shopping: Consumers’ Preferences, Behaviors, and Purchasing Patterns

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