genYZ Network Launches, with Hulu as Charter Member, to Support Brands in Engaging Millennial and Gen-Z Consumers

genYZ Network and Hulu partner to dive deep into always-connected millennials.

Due to demand from its 200+ member brands for better millennial and gen-z consumer and marketing insights, Latinum Network is excited to launch genYZ with Hulu as the first charter member organization. With millennial media habits shifting, Hulu is looking to increase activation with millennial and gen-Z consumers.

genYZ was built using the same blueprint as the Latinum network: Members steer the syndicated agenda, and in return gain access to ongoing qualitative and quantitative market research, proven strategies supported by detailed case studies, and a powerful analytic platform to dive deep on this critical consumer segment. The unique network model means that members get powerful insights and strategies at a fraction of the cost of fully bespoke work. And, when the network isn’t enough, members have access to a full-service custom consulting and research team to take off where shared-cost stops.

“Better engaging and activating millennial and youth consumers are top of mind for our member companies. We are excited to launch genYZ with Hulu as our charter member, and continue to leverage the success of Latinum’s shared-cost model and proprietary technologies.” – David Wellisch, CEO of Latinum Network

As part of the network’s kick-off, genYZ recently completed a deep dive to uncover new insights into the cord cutting phenomenon. The study uses our proprietary 5-year lens approach to better understand age-based technology tribes, and then examine the interaction with ethnicity, income, and education. The findings were co-presented on Thursday May 12th via a webinar entitled “genYZ Mythbusters: Millennials & Cord Cutting”.

Below are a few key takeaways from the millennial cord cutting study:

  • Despite the media narrative that millennials are leaving PayTV, only 5% are cord cutters vs. 2% of Gen-Xers and 1% of Baby Boomers.
  • The larger shift is happening in consumption habits due to streaming services and multi-device usage. Millennials spend 10.4 hours per week watching content on “other” devices vs. 7.1 hours for gen-X and 4 hours for boomer+
  • Certain millennial segments, like African-American (85%) and $100k+ household income (82%), do not show any significant deviation from older generations in PayTV consumption habits.
  • To learn more or see the webinar replay, visit genYZ

ABOUT LATINUM NETWORK: Latinum Network is the premier member-based advisory company that equips leading organizations to better serve, engage, and activate the fastest growing and most influential consumers through a shared-cost subscription model. Latinum currently supports more than 100 distinct corporations, and over 200 brands. Proprietary solutions include VozLatinum, a bilingual online community and panel used to support both network-wide and custom client research; Insights Designer, a proprietary tool that allows members to search and crosstab any questions across the 100+ syndicated studies we have conducted on Multicultural Consumers and Latinum’s Multicultural Knowledge Center that provides clients with proprietary syndicated research, actionable category-level insights, online tools, data and best practices.