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The Top Ads for Black Consumers: Analysis from CultureRate:Ad

Culturally fluent ads use culture to efficiently and effectively connect across segments. Read on and download our report to see the top culturally fluent ads among Black consumers.

In this report, we share the topmost culturally fluent ads for Black consumers through our CultureRate:Ad methodology. CultureRate:Ad provides a one-stop solution for our members’ mounting need for a comprehensive, ongoing analysis of the cultural fluency of their ads. 

At Collage, we measure cultural fluency by gauging consumer sentiment across 4 key dimensions: Brand Fit, Relevance, Message, and Enjoyment. These dimensions are weighed and combined to create the Ad Cultural Fluency Quotient (A-CFQ) score. The A-CFQ score gives members crucial insights into their ad’s resonance across different consumer segments and where to focus strategies for improvement. We’ve identified the top ads for Black consumers through their average A-CFQ score. 

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What Surprised Us 

When pairing ads with a soundtrack, we often think of connecting with Black Americans through the music genres they love. But two of the three top ads we feature highlight marching band music. Marching bands hold historical significance for Black Americans as evocative tools of cultural and political expression.

The Big Picture

Top ads reflect Black consumers’ desire for true representation and inclusion that goes beyond the surface level and shows actionable change.

Why It Matters:

Black consumers want brands to take real action on issues affecting their communities and to do their research when it comes to incorporating diversity in their advertising. So walking the walk through brand action and genuine depictions is vital to connecting with the segment.

Top ads deftly tie in key concerns and interests for the Black segment to foster resonance.

Contact us for more research on how to connect with Black consumers and learn how to connect with the new, diverse American mainstream and make your ad a winner.

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