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Why Multicultural Spending Accelerates in Downturns

Explore How to Weather the COVID-19 Recession

June 2020, 30 minutes

Signs are pointing to a global recession sparked by the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Lessons from the Great Recession suggest that, amidst recession, spending growth predominantly stems from Multicultural consumers. Through a series of studies launched this spring, Collage Group has collected deep insights into the into how behaviors vary by race and ethnicity – key to remaining relevant in this rapidly changing environment. 

In this webinar we:

  • Provide insight into altered purchasing behaviors and forecast trends.
  • Discuss the values that consumers want to see from brands as we navigate the crisis.
  • Outline Collage Group resources that can help brands with recession planning.
Why Multicultural Spending Accelerates in Downturns

Millennial Traits Amidst Recession

July 2020, 30 minutes

Many Millennials started their careers during the Great Recession, which shaped their financial status and buying behaviors early on. Now facing a second recession and carrying heavy student debt and low homeownership rates, they face a unique set of circumstances likely to impact their behaviors and buying patterns further. Given these challenges, it’s a great time to deepen your understanding of this influential growth segment.

In this webinar, we review the latest insights on engaging with Millennials, including: 

  • Key traits, attitudes, values and passion points.  
  • Examples of brands authentically and effectively connecting with and activating Millennial consumers in crisis. 
  • The future Millennial consumer profile.

Engaging Black America: Media Habits & Preferences

July 2020, 30 minutes

As brands look to learn from, support, and engage Black communities, Collage Group can help marketing and consumer insights professionals make culturally sound and informed decisions. In our upcoming webinar we are pleased to share insights into Black Americans’ media habits and preferences, developed as part of our four-part Essentials Series.

In this complimentary webinar we provide insight into Black American: 

  • Social media use and preferences.
  • Media use by generation.
  • Mainstream vs. in-culture content preferences.
  • Use-case examples and insights for action.

Evolution of Gen Z Passions & Values

June 2020, 30 minutes

Intrinsically diverse Gen Z consumers are critical to your brand’s sustainability and growth, and their passion points and values are evolving, particularly amidst uncertain times. Like Millennials, this generation is highly invested in its beliefs and passions, and orients toward inclusion and diversity not seen in older generations. However, Gen Z consumers are different from Millennials in unique ways – from trends and experiences to expression and entertainment.

In this webinar, we unveil our most recent findings on Gen Z passion points and social values, with relevant industry-level expenditure trends. This is a review of the current climate and a forecast of the months to come. Content includes:

  • The economic impact of COVID-19 on Gen Z.
  • Gen Z expectations of brands during the crisis, including tangible advice on what brands can do to respond and prepare in the current environment.
  • The social values brands can use to activate Gen Z engagement as we navigate a turbulent political season.

What Hispanic Social Values Mean to Your Brand During COVID-19

May 2020, 30 minutes

Hispanic social values are evolving, particularly amidst uncertain times for health, employment, politics and much more. This fast-growing segment – with a tremendous impact on American culture and substantial purchasing power – is projected to nearly double in size over the next 50 years.

In this complimentary 30-minute webinar, we will dig deeper into the evolving social values of Hispanic consumers, including:

  • Key social attitudes and how they vary across generation.
  • How brands can activate against these values.
  • Thought starters for enhancing your approach to capture Hispanic consumers

Insights for Authentic Black Representation

Feburary 2021, 60 minutes

Collage Group is pleased to be joined by diversity, marketing and research leaders from CVS Health, McCormick & Company, U.S. Bank, TVOne and Diageo for a conversation about Black identity and authentic representation in marketing. This discussion will help your brand amplify and support Black voices, accelerate your journey to Cultural Fluency, and celebrate Black History Month. 

Attendees to this one-hour complimentary virtual panel discussion and research presentation will walk away with:

• Key learnings from brand leaders on how they and their companies are working to dismantle U.S. systemic racism.

• New insights on black consumer demographics and unique cultural profile.

• Strategic takeaways from an analysis of ads ranking high among black consumers, including Black Lives Matter and the social justice movement.