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April 19, 2024
Giana Damianos – Associate Director, Cultural Insights

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Younger generations always seem to get a bad rap for “ruining” things (think: headlines bemoaning all the industries Millennials “killed”). Discourse around Gen Z looks eerily familiar, with one of the standouts being the death of alcohol. But Gen Z’s sober curiosity isn’t just a fleeting trend—it’s motivated by foundational generational insights and has been progressively on the rise over several years.

Our latest research dives deep into unpacking why Gen Z’s interest in alcohol is declining—from health and mental wellness, to economic factors, as well as changing tastes and shifting social dynamics. But it’s not just beverage makers that should take note; these driving forces have the same propensity to affect other categories as well. Brands of all industries will benefit from understanding Gen Z on a fundamental level to better forecast the future of their consumer behavior.

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The Big Picture

Gen Z is decreasing their alcohol intake and driving the market for no- and low-alcohol beverages.

  1. Gen Z isn’t abstinent—they’re focused on moderation and complementing their alcohol intake. The generation of mindful drinkers still wants to have fun—but on their terms. Sometimes that means going dry, and other times it means swapping in a no-lo drink the next round.
  2. Ultra-informed Gen Zers constantly weigh a multitude of choices and motivations when deciding whether to drink—and what. Wellness, finances, changing tastes, and shifting social dynamics are all at play in Gen Z’s cost-benefit over-analysis.

Foundational Insight

Know This:

Gen Z’s sober curiosity indicates their broader shift from ‘tradition’. Gen Z puts less stock in ‘the way things have always been’ or ‘what everyone else is doing’ and unabashedly turns inward to make individualized choices that are best for themselves.

Do This:

Don’t expect Gen Z to follow traditional norms or consumer trends just for the sake of it. Give them a strong ‘why’ behind your brand and product that they can connect to.

Category Insight: Alcoholic Beverages

Know This:

Gen Z’s relationship to alcohol is fluid, at times opting for a no-lo alternative and sometimes cutting back on consumption overall. The generation doesn’t dislike alcohol—they just don’t glamorize it and are easily satisfied by other things than just the effect of alcohol.

Do This:

Lead with the differentiating attributes of your product (other than ABV) to stand out amongst the myriad of alcohol and no-lo beverage options available. This could be unique flavors, health benefits, and even brand values to catch choosy Gen Zers’ attention.

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Giana Damianos

Giana Damianos

Giana joined Collage in 2019 from Indiana University, where she studied economics, political science and psychology. In her spare time, Giana is getting to know Washington DC and its historic architecture.

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