Four Steps to Win Parents of America’s Diverse Teenagers

Our latest study, Four Steps to Win Parents of America’s Diverse Teenagers, offers members insights and action steps on three crucial topics. 

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May 16, 2023
Bryan Miller – Senior Director of Insights Innovation

These crucial topics are: one, the challenges parents of teens face; two, parents’ behaviors and attitudes related to their teens’ media consumption, including social media; and three, how parents are preparing teens to leave the home and enter adulthood.

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Brands have the rare chance to realize a 2-for-1 opportunity when they connect with parents of teenagers. Not only do they get the parents’ eyes and attention, they also have an opportunity to begin winning the teens’ loyalty. Connecting with parents and teenagers presents an exciting opportunity for brands, but it comes with challenges. Speaking cross-generational language fluently is key to engagement: follow the lead into the digital spaces parents of teenagers inhabit and better understand their priorities, hopes, and dreams.

Below are several key findings that can help guide brands to better connect with this group of parents:

    1. Many brands are offering extensive help to parents, but it’s hard to find because they’re not making this a part of their marketing efforts.
    2. While most parents are teaching their teens to be value shoppers, Millennial parents are also training their teens to consider brand actions.
    3. Parents of teens have clear ideas about the topics their teens need to understand and who they trust to provide information on these topics.
    4. Parents are concerned about the mass of media available to their teens, and how it may impact their mental health.

Many brands say they have a significant gap in their understanding of the way culture impacts parenting and the parent-child decision-making process. Collage Group’s Parents & Kids cultural intelligence program was created to offer brands the insights they need to connect with parents through their advertising and marketing efforts.

Contact us today to for additional action steps and to learn how you can gain access to the full report and more as a member of our Parents & Kids program.

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Bryan Miller

Bryan Miller

As Director of Content, Bryan leads the content team that produces all of Collage Group’s syndicated research and oversees the AdRate and BrandRate ratings products. Bryan holds a Master of Arts from Georgia State University’s Philosophy and Brains & Behavior Program, a Master of Science in Applied Economics from the University of North Dakota, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University in the Philosophy of Science, the Philosophy of Psychology and Bioethics. Outside of work, Bryan is a passionate film buff and lover of great food.

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