Celebrating Hispanic Culture:

How Iconic Brands Are Turning Cultural Insights into Impact

Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15th – October 15th, celebrates the legacy of Hispanic impact and achievement in the United States and is a time to deepen our understanding of the diverse tapestry of Hispanic consumers.

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September 19, 2023
Victor Paredes – Executive Director of Cultural Strategy

Throughout the year, and in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the world’s leading brands turn to Collage Group to build trust with this fast-growing segment who collectively wield tremendous buying power. Over half of Hispanics, and nearly 2 in every 3 Bicultural Hispanics, celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, underscoring the importance of cultural duality. That celebration of excellence and duality is both personally important – because it underscores being valued and included – and an important way for non-Hispanics to learn more and be allies in the celebration and inclusion. 

During Hispanic Heritage Month, many companies actively engage in meaningful dialogue and events to celebrate and commemorate the occasion. But, it’s not always simple to authentically engage this consumer segment. As a starting point to help brands turn insight into impact, we at Collage Group host a yearly panel discussion with leading brands to share insights and learn how they connect with and celebrate Hispanic culture. 

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This year, our panel addressed a variety of topics, shedding light on issues such as cultural heritage, professional journeys, community involvement, and future aspirations. It was a powerful opportunity to hear how marketing and brand leaders are harnessing the power of cultural intelligence to authentically engage the Hispanic community.

This year, we were joined by:

    • Lupe De Los Santos, Senior Brand Manager, North America Multicultural Media, Procter & Gamble
    • Della Ng, Vice President, Head of Multicultural and Diversity Marketing, U.S. Bank
    • José E Vélez Silva, Vice President, Multicultural IMC Brand Marketing, Comcast
    • Rebeca Vargas, Head of Marketing, Consumer Segments, Wells Fargo
Hispanic Heritage Month panelists

Here are the Key Takeaways from our Panel Presentation:

    1. Future Goals: The panelists shared their visions for the future. Their aspirations not only revolved around brand growth, but also included creating opportunities and making a positive impact on the broader Hispanic community.
    2. Intersectional Integration: The panelists also shared the importance of intersectional marketing and activating on segments outside of the Hispanic community, and how that shaped Hispanic-specific campaigns and campaigns for other Multicultural segments.
    3. Cultural Pride: The panelists emphasized the importance of embracing and celebrating Hispanic cultural heritage and values. They shared stories about how Hispanic consumers are not just “nice to have,” but “must have” segments for brand growth.
    4. Importance of Insights: The panelists shared how deep insights helped identify unique needs of Hispanic consumers, and then helped them grow with intersectional brand and ad activations.

Hispanic Heritage Month is more than just a celebration; it’s an opportunity for everyone to learn, connect, and appreciate the contributions of Hispanic individuals to American society. At Collage Group, we aspire to foster these dialogues, promote diversity, and break down the barriers to embrace diversity. Understanding and embracing different cultures is essential for not only brand growth, but also a thriving, inclusive society.

As Hispanic Heritage Month continues, let’s continue celebrate the heritage, achievements, and resilience of Hispanic communities not just during this month but throughout the year. Contact us today to learn how you can connect with diverse consumers to accelerate brand growth using our comprehensive, culture-driven consumer research, deep insights, and strategic expertise.

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Victor Paredes

Victor Paredes

Victor leverages his expertise in inclusive marketing and advertising in combination with Collage’s proprietary data and insights, to support clients. He is a successful marketing and advertising executive with proven experience in building practices that drive brand equity, sales, traffic, and qualified leads. His marketing experience spans sectors such as entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, retail, and direct to consumer services.

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