Black History Month 2024: Insights for Authentic Engagement & Empowerment

Black History Month, February 1—29, 2024, is a key opportunity for brands to celebrate Black achievements and contributions to American culture. 

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February 9, 2024
David Wellisch – CEO and Co-Founder

Black cultural holidays are booming in the United States, and Black Americans don’t shy away from acknowledging the hard realities of Black history, even as they celebrate. The segment’s cultural traits explain their ability to embrace complexity across the many holidays and occasions celebrated throughout the year.

Throughout the year and in celebration of Black History Month, the world’s leading brands turn to Collage Group to build trust with the consumer segment especially noteworthy for their ability to impact and drive social values and commercial trends—a trait that is setting new and unforeseen expectations. With one third of Black Americans saying they’ll stop using or buying from a brand whose advertising lacks racial and ethnic diversity, marketing and insights professionals must be equipped to authentically engage these consumers right now.

During Black History Month, many companies actively engage in meaningful dialogue and events to celebrate and commemorate the occasion. But it’s not always simple to authentically engage this consumer segment. As a starting point to help brands turn insight into impact, we at Collage Group hosted a panel discussion with leading brands to share insights and learn how they connect with and celebrate Black Americans.

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Black History Month Panel - Webinar Example

Our panel addressed a variety of topics, shedding light on the evolution of the consumer landscape, steps taken to authentically resonate with Black Consumers, executions that have been effective in driving authentic engagement, and personal stories from their own careers.

We were joined by:

    • Nakia Tull, Vice President & Customer Inclusion Leader, Fidelity Investments
    • Nicole Buchanan, Senior Director, Head of Cultural Strategy & Multicultural Sales, SiriusXM Media
    • Kim Adams House, Head of Licensing, Merchandising, and Multicultural Marketing, Stellantis
Black History Month panelists

Here are the Key Takeaways from our Panel Presentation:

    1. The Evolution of Black Consumers and Brand Adaptability: The panelists shared their experiences engaging with Black consumers and the Black American community, noting the determination, optimism, and resiliency of the community, and how this shift in atmosphere presents new opportunities to authentically engage and win mind and market share.
    2. Efforts in Driving Authentic Engagement: The panelists also shared the intentionality in campaigns and partnerships with influencers and the community, noting the effectiveness of intersectional conversations and presence that go hand in hand with the celebration of the heritage month, and celebration of Black consumers throughout the entire year.
    3. The Impact of Personal Journey on Leadership: The panelists emphasized occasions and milestones in their own lives that have guided them through their careers and growth, focusing on the authenticity and balance that shaped them and others around them.

Black History Month is more than just a celebration; it’s an opportunity for everyone to learn, connect, and appreciate the contributions of Black Americans to our shared history and culture. At Collage Group, we aspire to foster these dialogues, promote diversity, and break down the barriers to embrace diversity. Understanding and embracing different cultures is essential for not only brand growth, but also a thriving, inclusive society.

As Black History Month continues, let’s continue celebrate the heritage, achievements, and resilience of Black Americans not just during this month, but also throughout the year.

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David Wellisch

David Wellisch

David Wellisch is CEO & Co-Founder of Collage Group, the leading source of cultural intelligence about diverse consumers. Since the inception of Collage Group in 2009, David has led the company through growth, now serving more than 300 brands in across 12 industries. David is passionate about entrepreneurship and company building, and often works directly with members to help guide the integration of diverse consumer insights and marketing strategies.

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