Engage Black Consumers: How Authenticity Drives Results

Unlock the potential for substantial brand growth among Black American consumers with the 2024 update to our Cultural Traits research. These updated insights provide a deep dive into the evolving preferences and behaviors of this key demographic, offering you the latest insights to tailor your marketing strategies effectively.

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April 26, 2024
Elizandra Granillo – Senior Analyst, Cultural Insights

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Black Americans are rapidly becoming more multiracial and have seen remarkable growth in purchasing power among Multicultural groups. For brands to effectively reach Black consumers, it’s imperative to actively engage with the values and issues that hold the most significance within this demographic.

Our latest study, now including three-year trended data, explores three key areas of our consumer fundamentals research: identity, cultural context, and Group Traits to help your brand fuel growth with Black consumers.

This post includes a small sample of the deep cultural intelligence that fuels growth for our members. Contact us to unlock more content like this.

What Surprised Us?

After collecting data on Group Traits and cultural values for three years, we can spot critical cultural shifts with even more nuance. Since 2022, we have observed that Black Americans are increasingly embracing their heritage as an integral part of their American identity. One way this plays out is by celebrating Black holidays at higher rates and expressing themselves creatively through language. Although they still consider themselves typical Americans, they are questioning the idea of American exceptionalism and paying close attention to the political climate in which they reside.

The Big Picture

  1. Black Americans are increasingly proud of their cultural heritage. Higher celebration rate of cultural holidays and desire for creative language expression showcase their unapologetic embrace of their identity.
  2. The segment’s realness and faith set the stage for true vulnerability. Black Americans’ deep understanding of who they are allows vulnerability to flourish. Risk-taking is an expression of that vulnerability and a form of self-care.

Key Insight #1: Determined Group Trait

Know This:

Despite a history of systemic racism, Black Americans live with a driven state of mind, working toward their goals and facing adversity with discipline.

Do This:

Highlight your brand’s commitment to help Black Americans achieve at the highest levels.

Key Insight #2: Real Group Trait

Know This:

Black Americans proudly celebrate their collective uniqueness, challenging outdated ideas.

Do This:

Create opportunities for Black Americans to collaborate and share their stories.

The world’s leading brands turn to Collage Group to build trust with this critical consumer segment and more. Contact us below for additional studies on how to connect with Black consumers, and to learn how to make your brand a winner with high-growth segments.

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Elizandra Granillo

Elizandra Granillo

Elizandra is a Senior Analyst on the Collage Group’s Cultural Insights team, responsible for Multicultural consumer research.​ Her previous experience includes ethnographic research across the Tijuana-San Diego Border Region.​ She is a 2020 graduate from San Diego State University, where she received a B.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology.

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