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Access consumer insights on diverse Americans: Hispanic, Black, Asian, Millennial, Gen Z, LGBTQ+ & Gender, and Parents & Kids.

Through our consumer insights, data, tools and best practices, Collage Group works with marketing and consumer insights professionals to help them more effectively and efficiently understand, reach and engage diverse consumers: Hispanic, Black, Asian, Millennial, Gen Z, LGBTQ+ & Gender, and Parents & Kids. Our work centers on helping brands achieve Cultural Fluency — the organizational ability to use culture to activate consumers across race, ethnicity, generation, gender and sexual identity.


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The U.S. demographic landscape is transforming, with more than 140 million multicultural consumers representing 40% of the total population and exerting significant influence on the remaining 60% of Americans.  Multicultural consumers now drive more than 100% of U.S. population growth, more than 75% of expenditure growth, and are projected to continue to drive growth for the foreseeable future.


More than 160 million Gen Z and Millennial consumers represent almost half the total U.S. population and drive more than 100% of U.S. population growth. Gen Z is by far the largest generation in American history and will be the last generation to be majority white (and only by 1-2%). The youngest generation, Gen Alpha, is emerging as the first majority-minority generation, with only 48% of the segment identifying as non-Hispanic White. 

LGBTQ+ & Gender

The growth of multicultural America has acted as an engine to drive increased inclusion across all diverse segments.  Coincident with this change has been an increase in inclusion of LBGTQ+ people and a convergence with efforts to better represent and empower women and girls in all aspects of society.

Parents & Kids

There are currently more than 62 million American parents living with children under 18, representing an outsized opportunity for brands as they’re making spending decisions for both themselves and their children. To capture parental attention, organizations must understand and address these individuals as parents.

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