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Consumer Insights Research 2023: Unveiling Our Latest Findings and Looking Ahead

Welcome to Collage Group’s quarterly consumer insights research and trends report, which reviews some of our most notable research published this year.

This article reveals our standout data and findings, along with the requests, feedback, and interests expressed by our members. 

Collage Group’s insights are a trusted resource for iconic brands aiming to effectively engage with and succeed in diverse America. Today, we are excited to share our most sought-after and diverse consumer insights with you.

Furthermore, we delve into what lies ahead by pinpointing emerging trends that are poised to shape the consumer market in the upcoming months. With these insights, you’ll remain at the forefront of industry developments, ensuring you consistently meet the evolving needs of your consumers.

Top Consumer Insight Trends of 2023

Below, we detail our most recently unveiled insights for brand growth among diverse consumer audiences.

We explore:

  • The impact of generative AI on the consumer market,
  • LGBTQ+ sentiment and backlash,
  • Top brands for parents,
  • Top brands of Generation X.

By comprehending these trends, your brand will be well-positioned to address the emerging needs of your target consumer segment.

Consumer Insights Research #1: The Impact of Generative AI on the Consumer Market

Consumer concerns and engagement with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are currently shaping, and will continue to shape, the consumer landscape.

Collage Group remains at the forefront, analyzing trends in generative AI to precisely understand how such developments are being embraced and utilized by the American population.

According to our most recent findings to be featured in the upcoming release of our America Now report on Oct. 30, a significant 62% of consumers express concern over AI causing an increase in online misinformation. Another 66% of consumers were alarmed about the potential misuse of personal information due to AI. Furthermore, AI’s impact on employment is a source of apprehension for 62% of consumers. Therefore, our results indicate widespread anxiety regarding the influence of AI on various aspects of society.

Consumer Insights Research #2: The LGBTQ+ Backlash

Despite vocal backlash, a significant majority of Americans stand with and support the LGBTQ+ community and Pride Month activations. Our research indicates that 88% of non-LGBTQ+ people remain positive or neutral about Pride Month marketing. With this in mind, brands should not be swayed by the activities of a minority but should instead create campaigns based on our insights.

At Collage Group, we recognize the challenges brands face when navigating an increasingly polarized cultural environment, where supporting one group could potentially provoke backlash from others. By leveraging Collage Group’s deep insights into the values, passion points, and affiliations of consumers across race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation, you can express brand support for causes that resonate with your consumer majority while minimizing potential backlash.

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