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Across the last several years, Collage Group has been developing powerful new tools to help brands become more Culturally Fluent. Our Cultural Traits are central to this effort.

These data-driven tools provide measures of cultural variation that reveal insights into the similarities and differences across consumer segments. Collage Group members use these tools to build more efficient general market campaigns, as well as more effective dedicated activations. Cultural Traits are divided into two complementary methodologies. 

Cultural Attributes Analysis

Our Cultural Attributes tool provides a general cultural profile of target segments and individual consumers.

It consists of six culturally relevant personality characteristics we identified and validated through an iterative process involving multiple large sample surveys and factor analysis.

The tool consists of eighteen Likert-scale questions that score individual consumers along the six characteristics of Rootedness, Adventurousness, Exceptionalism, Anxiety, Independence, and Compliance. 

You can examine and use Cultural Attribute profiles across our key demographic segments as a part of membership. Additionally, you can include the eighteen-question battery in Custom projects for targeted analysis.

Cultural Traits Attributes
Group Traits Analysis

Identified through quantitative analysis and expert judgement of targeted sample survey (~2,500 consumers),  Group Traits are best for providing nuanced understanding of segments to deepen connection. 

Our Group Trait tool offers a more detailed and nuanced look at cultural variation by “zooming in” on the way that cultural attributes are expressed within each segment.

It consists of a set of specific, culturally relevant characteristics we identified through subject-matter expertise and quantitative analysis. Unlike the Cultural Attribute tool, which is set at six dimensions, our set of Group Traits continues to grow as we identify and test new expressions of cultural variation. You can examine and incorporate the insights following from each segment’s core Group Traits as part of membership.

Additionally, you can scope out a Custom engagement applying our rigorous methodology for identifying the presence of Group Traits for the consumer segments of your choosing.

Cultural Traits Attributes
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