Custom Market Research
Enhance the value provided by syndicated content with custom market research services. Develop the brand strategy and proprietary consumer insights you need to compete and win with multicultural and generational consumers.

Tailored solutions delivered by our full-service, in-culture qualitative and quantitative research teams.

Find the Opportunity

Few companies can succeed without a clear idea of the impact of multicultural growth on their categories and brands.

Our clients begin with a detailed analysis of the “size of prize.” We analyze the revenue growth from better reaching multicultural consumers relative to each brand’s “fair market share,” and the category maturity that determines competitor behavior.

Our engagements also provide category overviews with competitive analysis, trend spotting, and competitive benchmarking.

Master the Consumer

Assess  attitudes, usage and motivations to understand why consumers buy.

Collage Group has developed research methods that combine survey techniques mastered over a decade with advanced analytics. Complement  quant with in-culture qualitative research, ethnographies and immersion to walk in the shoes of your consumers for rich and actionable insights.

Whether quant, qual or both, Collage Group is the preferred partner for companies looking to understand the multicultural consumer.

Educate and Inspire

Cultural Fluency is an imperative in today’s diverse America, no less so because of the COVID-10 pandemic, and our Virtual Cultural Fluency Workshop can help get you there

Led by our subject matter experts and providing up to two days worth of presentation and workshop facilitation, your team will come away with: 1) a strong foundation in Cultural Fluency; 2) an understanding of the cultural group traits and learning gaps; and 3) insights from our CultureRate:Ad and CultureRate:Brand methodology.

Perfect the Execution

Leverage our CultureRate:Ad ad testing methodology and other tools to define the content that hits the mark with diverse America.

Understand the power of multicultural consumer stories and how to create authentic expressions in a market that has been radically redefined by the growth and influence of multicultural America.

Our execution support also covers pricing optimization, concept development, product positioning and innovation.

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