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Leverage full-service custom market research services to answer any bespoke business question you have. From custom insights on industry, brand, consumers and advertising to our in-culture qualitative and SME consulting and workshops, we do it all – with culture at the core. 

In-Culture Expertise And Anthropological Rigor For Best In Class Solutions

Hundreds of brands rely on Collage custom market research each year to focus on growing with diverse consumers. Learn how our full-service, in-culture qualitative, quantitative and consulting research teams can help you strengthen your competitive advantage for sustainable growth.

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Quantitative – Survey-Based Consumer Insights

Custom survey research focuses on the unique characteristics of multicultural consumers to answer specific business questions for your brand or portfolio of brands. Attitude and Usage studies provide a clear profile of diverse consumers’ attitudes and behaviors and identify recommendations and strategies for breaking barriers and optimizing communication with target segments.

With Creative Ad Testing, examine impact of your ad or campaign using standard and customized ad metrics plus our proprietary Ad Cultural Fluency Quotient (A-CFQ) with cultural fluency at the core. For all quantitative studies, sampling plans and question structures incorporate cultural nuances.

Qualitative – The Deepest Why

Understand why consumers buy with custom data on their attitudes, usage and motivations, and in-culture subject matter experts. We offer online and offline methodologies that bring you answers through the consumer consideration, shopping, decision making and usage experiences. With deep dives into any intersection of consumer, industry and brand – from veterans with disabilities to retail trade specifics -we support your needs. We also offer bilingual focus groups, in-depth interviews and shop-alongs.

Bring your segmentation and audience deep dives to life, map out the consumer journey or identify specific areas for creative optimization.

In-Culture Subject Matter Experts

Get in-person or virtual multicultural marketing strategy expertise to strengthen your go to market strategy or creative user experience. Our subject matter experts help decipher the cultural nuances, shared values and untapped opportunities to grow your business with your current consumers and future growth segments.

Workshops give you an elevated experience with more interaction, hands-on workshopping elements facilitation and more. These output-driven sessions are grounded in Collage insights but are highly customizable to your unique cultural fluency needs.

Customize & Curate Insights for Your Brand

Create authentic connections and drive growth through the power of diverse consumer stories. Our execution support also covers pricing optimization, concept development, product positioning and innovation. Receive timely and actionable insights related to diverse consumers with expert workshops or an easy-to-digest format with our newsletters, a series of short, visually engaging documents circulated on a regular basis. Engage in a working session using our White Papers to turn the insight into a sustainable marketing strategy, painting a rich picture of context, challenges, best practices and action-oriented takeaways.

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