Custom Market Profiler

A geospatial analysis tool to understand and find

the fastest growing and most influential segments

Custom Market Profiler

A Geospatial Analysis Tool to Understand and Find the Fastest Growing and Most Influential Segments

The Custom Market Profiler brings Collage Group insights down to the store level, giving powerful predictive power to those interested in local market dynamics

Market Analysis: Explore Markets to Gauge Opportunity

  • Choose metrics including detailed race, nativity, education, ancestry, occupation, income, age, and many more
  • Drill into states, metro areas, counties, and ZIP codes
  • Access over ten years of historical data
  • Target locations using advanced mapping tools
  • Export reports to Excel for further analysis

Enter points as either addresses or latitude / longitude


Choose from radius, drive, walk, or even bike time


Sort locations by any metric you choose – including your custom metrics

Retail Trade Analysis: Understand Opportunity Around Specific Locations

  • Choose from radius, drive time, walk time, or even bike time
  • Enter points as either latitude / longitude or store addresses
  • Sort locations by any metric—including custom metrics that you calculate
  • Create scatterplots of metrics
  • Export location details to Excel

Unleash the Power of Market Intelligence