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Engage Small Business Owners in America

American small businesses drive the economy, and their owners reflect the diverse cultures and perspectives of Americans. Read on for more information about how to connect with small business owners by understanding how they see themselves, their goals, challenges, and motivations for partnering with larger companies.

Nearly all private businesses in the U.S. are small businesses. At the helm of all that economic heft is an owner who tends to be highly engaged in the day-to-day decisions of the business. As a result, small business owners make up an important segment with whom marketers and larger businesses should engage and build partnerships.

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Key Small Business Insights

  1. Small Businesses run on optimism, innovation, and community. From their founding, Small Businesses are rooted in independence, innovation, and community. Multicultural Small Business Owners are feeling optimistic about the present and future of their businesses.
  2. Owners value personalized partnerships with large companies. Small Business Owners have plenty of goals but are also facing a multitude of challenges. Every small business is different and given their limited resources, they look for one-on-one support to streamline problem-solving and operations.

Know This:

Most Small Business owners founded their own businesses. They are personally invested and motivated by the creativity, flexibility, and community that ownership offers them.

Do This:

  • Communicate how your brand can help owners achieve greater work-life balance. Make your products and services available and accessible so owners can easily manage their business on-the-go.
  • Mirror the values that Small Business Owners hold dear by positioning your brand as one that fosters innovation and community.

Key Small Business Insight #1: Optimism About the Future

Know This:

Despite recent hardships, Small Business Owners remain optimistic about the future success of their businesses. Their top goal is growth, but that doesn’t come without challenges. Inflation is the biggest obstacle right now for over half of owners.

Do This:

  • Recognize the hardships that small businesses have weathered lately and celebrate their tenacity and work ethic. Bolster and share in their positivity and hopefulness for the future.
  • Highlight how your brand will foster small businesses’ growthOffer support in the areas where they may be cutting spending so they stay on track to meet their lofty goals.

Key Small Business Insight #2: Support and Partnership

Know This:

Small businesses most need support with marketing, networking, and financing.  Owners look to partner with innovative companies that are experienced in working with small businesses. They prefer online and one-off one-to-one support as needed.

Do This:

  • Keep in mind their limited discretionary funds and limited time. Offering free, quick access, and convenient support will go a long way in maintaining partnerships long-term.
  • Approach owners with an understanding of their individual wants and needs. Personalize your offerings as much as possible.

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