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Black Consumer Research

April Vincent

Fuel brand love with Collage Group's Black consumer insights. Capture their buying power with impactful marketing to Black consumers.

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April Vincent

Drove Automotive Appeal Among Black Consumers

April Vincent

Global Automotive Company with $100 Billion in Revenue How a world-leading automotive brand is applying Collage Group’s cultural insights to drive enhancements in advertising that improve cultural resonance. Challenge The SUV division of a major global automotive OEM was struggling to activate higher-income Black consumers. The Director of Insights wanted category-specific attitude and purchase behavior data to […]

Built a Product Roadmap with Black Consumer Wine & Spirit Preferences

April Vincent

Global Wine & Spirits Company with $5 Billion Revenue Learn how the world’s leading brands are applying Collage Group’s consumer insights to drive cultural resonance in advertising. Challenge The CMO of a major alcoholic beverage company tasked a team with surfacing the mega-trends shaping the multicultural audience. The CMO wanted the team to refine or rethink brand […]

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Fuel brand love with Collage Group's consumer insights. Capture buying power with impactful marketing to Gen Z, Millennial & Hispanic consumers, and more.



Unleash the power of cultural intelligence to fuel brand growth. Access the deepest data science engine fusing consumer, brand, industry insights.

Captivate Asian Americans with Authentic Brand Engagement

Sudipti Kumar

Discover unique perspectives and motivations of Asian American consumers through their evolving, complex identities and actionable Group Traits with the 2024 updates to our research.

Engage Black Consumers: How Authenticity Drives Results

Elizandra Granillo

Learn how you can fuel brand growth with Black American consumers via data-driven insights that develop more efficient campaigns and dedicated activations for greater financial impact.

Political Polarization, Culture, and the Influence of Non-conformists (A Marketer’s Guide)

Jack Mackinnon

As America approaches the 2024 elections, consumers increasingly seek brands that actively participate in issues-based marketing, demonstrating a clear alignment with their values and beliefs. And politics plays a significant role in shaping these values.

Black History Month 2024: Insights for Authentic Engagement & Empowerment

David Wellisch

Black History Month, February 1—29, 2024, is a key opportunity for brands to celebrate Black achievements and contributions to American culture. Black cultural holidays are booming in the United States, and Black Americans don’t shy away from acknowledging the hard realities of Black history, even as they celebrate.