Unleash the Power of Cultural Intelligence

Only Collage fuses together consumer, brand and industry insights to fuel brand love and revenue growth with the fastest growing segments.

The world’s leading brands trust our cultural insights to drive impact

  • +28%

    Future Purchase Intent

    Fortune 500 Customer

  • +19%

    Revenue Growth

    Fortune 100 Customer

  • +14%

    Average Revenue Growth

    Top Collage Customers

Collage fuses together consumer, industry, and brand data to provide you with insights on the why driving consumers’ behaviors and decisions…

  • Consumer Insights

    Cultural traits, intersectional demographics, passion points, holidays, media and shopping habits, and evolving beliefs and values

  • Brand, Ad & Campaign Data

    Your brand and ad cultural fluency performance versus competition and best-practices to drive growth

  • Industry Insights

    Needs, preferences, usage and shopping behaviors, trends, and gaps across different categories

…so you can act to drive immediate impact!

Transform your marketing and brand strategy with the most comprehensive cultural intelligence insights on the market. Start your journey to cultural fluency with Collage.

Key Benefits of Collage’s Cultural Intelligence Engine

Accelerated Time to Value & Maximum Impact

Instant insights from unrivaled depth of cultural insight from 26 billion primary data points.

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The Most Discoverable & Actionable Data

Answer any consumer, brand or category question in the always on app quickly so you can take immediate action.

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Culture Goes Deeper to Explain the Why

Culture goes beyond psychographics to explain the deepest values and beliefs that drive purchase decisions and behavior.

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  • Jul
    02:00 PM – 03:00 PM

    The Intersection of Gaming and Culture: How LGBTQ+ Consumers Inspire Gaming Trends with GLAAD

  • Jul
    02:00 PM – 03:00 PM

    Women in Sports: The Force of Change

  • Aug
    02:00 PM – 02:30 PM

    Embrace Multicultural Passions for Impact: Hispanic, Black, Asian

  • Aug
    Virtual Event
    02:00 PM – 02:30 PM

    LGBTQ+ Terminology Demystified: Key Concepts for Effective Communication


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