Engage LGBTQ+ Consumers for Pride Month with Insights

Learn how LGBTQ+ Americans celebrate Pride Month and what the occasion means to them.

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May 22, 2023
Jill Rosenfeld – Director, Product & Content

Holidays and occasions are focal points for many Americans—opportunities to connect with loved ones, maintain cultural and family traditions, and express themselves through decorations, food, entertainment, and more. These celebrations are also key inroads for brands to deepen connection with American consumers.

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Holidays and Occasions - Pride Month - Slide Deck Example

But as our society evolves, so do the ways Americans approach holidays and occasions. Brands must keep up with the latest shifts and trends to maintain relevance.

It’s vital for brands to fully understand and appreciate the importance of LGBTQ+ Pride Month to effectively capture this community’s attention. Collage Group helps marketers and insights leaders connect around this occasion by providing insights that clarify how LGBTQ+ Americans celebrate Pride Month and what the occasion means to them. These insights allow for more efficient and effective activations that capture greater mind and market share.

Key Insight: LGBTQ+ Americans want brands that activate around Pride Month to celebrate the community and teach people about the segment and its unique history.

Emphasize the joy and celebration with a side of education to connect with the LGBTQ+ segment
Do This:
    • Celebrate LGBTQ+ segment’s perseverance amid the struggles the group faces. Acknowledge the hardships while maintaining a celebratory tone.
    • Educate other consumers on Pride Month’s significance by featuring LGBTQ+ community members in your advertising and messaging.

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Jill Rosenfeld

Jill Rosenfeld

Jill is a Research Manager on Collage Group’s Cultural Insights team focusing on the LGBTQ+ and Gender membership. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. In her spare time, Jill enjoys exploring Washington DC’s restaurant scene and practicing yoga.

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