Align Your Social Media Strategies to Consumer Habits and Preferences Across Generations

Transform your marketing and brand strategy by learning how Americans across generations engage with social media, including variations in platform usage, preferences in content, and engagement with influencers and brands online.

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August 23, 2023
Natalie Griffith – Director, Cultural Insights

Media engagement differs significantly as we look across the spectrum of generations in America today; From linear media that is dominated by Baby Boomers, to social media—the media of choice for Gen Z. Brands and advertisers across industries must understand generational nuances in media usage to excel in the attention economy.

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Collage Group’s 2023 Media Habits and Preferences Study provides insights across generations on where people are using social media, and why they’re going there. The data dives deep into platform usage and drivers, content preferences, and engagement with influencers and brands on social media.

Here’s the Big Picture:
Your brand must embrace cultural specificity and invest in multiple channels.

    1. Younger generations are social media super users, but their attention and excitement are fragmented across a multitude of platforms and channels.
    2. Generations are divided on trust in brand vs. influencer content. But across the board, identity and information-driven content breaks through and drives value.

Discover a key insight and action step from our Generations Social Media study below:

Key Insight: Social Media Platforms

Know This:

Gen Z and Millennials’ social media usage is fragmented across many platforms, driving the popularity of “niche” sites.

Do This:

      • Meet your target audience where they spend their time and obey the “cultural norms” of the platform in order to integrate your brand’s content seamlessly.
        Think: Using first person “radical honesty” style posts on TikTok. 
Social media platform use by Gen Z and Millennials chart

Our studies are designed to help your brand navigate to the media properties that matter most to your diverse consumers through insights into diverse consumers’ behaviors, preferences, and habits. Contact us at the form below to learn how you can turn insight into impact and gain access to these diverse consumer insights and much more in our Cultural Intelligence Platform.

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Natalie Griffith

Natalie Griffith

Natalie has over 10 years of experience in consumer insights and brand strategy, including 3+ years as lead researcher in Gartner Iconoculture’s Gen Z practice. Natalie has managed research projects across industries, including extensive work in financial services, media, technology, and food and beverage. Natalie holds a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University.

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