Shifts in Diverse Consumer Media Usage: Insights for Growth

Americans spend a significant amount of time and attention in the media sphere, and their behaviors are quickly changing. Whether it’s social, video, or audio media, consumers’ focus on these mediums present an awesome opportunity for brands to connect and accelerate growth.
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August 14, 2023
Jack Mackinnon – Senior Director of Cultural Insights

To do this efficiently and effectively, your brand needs to understand where people are going to consume media content, why they’re going there, and how they can authentically engage with their target segments across channels.

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To help our members navigate the media landscape, we completed a survey of diverse American consumers that culminated in different studies under the banner title of “Drive Engagement by Aligning Your Media Strategy to the Habits and Preference of Diverse Consumers.” These insights are designed to help you harness the power of cultural intelligence to win diverse America, while transforming your marketing and brand strategy to drive additional awareness and love for your brand.

In our latest studies, we focus on the habits and channels consumers prefer across three key types of media:

    • Social Media, including preferred platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, BeReal, Threads, and X/Twitter. Also, what people prefer in their influencers;
    • Video media, including both older school network and cable and streaming services, TV shows and Movies;
    • And audio media, including music and podcasts and the platforms that deliver them.

In preparation for our latest releases, here are the top-level analyses that will help guide you to connect with diverse consumers through 2023 and beyond:

In social media, the big picture is that new platforms are still emerging, but in the end, as you’ll see, some of the oldest social media sites are still the most popular.

In video media, the big picture is that streaming is starting to feel like the new cable and Generative AI threatens to create a big ethics dilemma, especially during the strike.

And in audio media, the big picture is that audio streaming content is all about fit and how well it pairs with the other activities consumers are doing while they’re listening. In some ways, audio can be ever-present, but usually secondary.

Stay tuned for full insights releases for these membership platforms on these dates:


Social Media – August 16th

Video – August 23rd

Audio – August 30th


Full Release – August 23rd


Full Release – September 6th

Our study will help your brand navigate to the media properties that matter most to your diverse consumers through insights into diverse consumers’ behaviors, preferences, and habits. Contact us at the form below to learn more about how you can gain access to these diverse consumer insights and much more in our Cultural Intelligence Platform.

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Jack McKinnon

Jack McKinnon

With more than 15 years of diverse consumer research experience, Jack Mackinnon offers deep expertise in Multicultural, Generational, LGBTQ+ consumers, and their intersection. Jack’s research extends into exploring culture-at-large, investigating broader societal trends not easily categorized into typical areas of research.

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