The Top Ads for Hispanic Consumers: Analysis from CultureRate:Ad

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October 20, 2023
Jenny Wolski – Director, Cultural Insights

Culturally fluent ads use culture to efficiently and effectively connect across segments. In this report, we share the topmost culturally fluent ads for Hispanic consumers through our CultureRate:Ad methodology. CultureRate:Ad provides a one-stop solution for our members’ mounting need for a comprehensive, ongoing analysis of the cultural fluency of their ads.

At Collage, we measure cultural fluency by gauging consumer sentiment across 4 key dimensions: Brand Fit, Relevance, Message, and Enjoyment. These dimensions are weighed and combined to create the Ad Cultural Fluency Quotient (A-CFQ) score. The A-CFQ score gives members crucial insights into their ad’s resonance across different consumer segments and where to focus strategies for improvement. We’ve identified the top ads for Hispanic consumers through their average A-CFQ score and compare it against the outgroup, non-Hispanic consumers.

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Top Ads for Hispanic Consumers - deck example

What Surprised Us

Let’s be honest. Focusing on grammar details in an ad seems boring. But it can be incredibly powerful when it’s done with a true understanding of the language and what a brand wants to convey.

Intuit’s “Think Ote” campaign capitalized on the difference between the word endings, “ito” and “ote” in Spanish language and the tendency for Hispanic businesses to use “ito” at the end of their business name. “Ito” at the end of the word means to make something smaller, while “ote” means to make something larger. Challenging Hispanic business owners to use “ote” to name their businesses rather than “ito” resonates with the segment and helps them rethink their self-perception.

Quickbooks resonates with the Hispanic consumer segment

The Big Picture

Winning ads with Hispanic consumers are those that connect the segment to their heritage, specifically through music and language.

Hispanic consumers expect ads to connect with their passions and language

Why It Matters

The attributes that are important to Hispanic consumers when watching ads are the ones that connect to their Group Trait of Cultural Duality – and their pride in their heritage and achievements in the United States. While the ads are culturally specific, they resonate across segments.

Lessons from High-Performing Ads

General Lesson #1: Top Ads Deftly Tie in Core Hispanic Group Traits

Top Ads Deftly Tie in Core Hispanic Group Traits

General Lesson #2: Relevant Hispanic Passion Points Are a Core Component of Top Ads

Relevant Hispanic Passion Points are a core component

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Jenny Wolski

Jenny Wolski

Jenny is an Analyst on Collage Group’s Product & Content team. She is a 2021 graduate from The George Washington University where she studied Statistics and Sociology. In her spare time, Jenny is often on a hike enjoying nature.

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