Differentiating and Winning Younger Multicultural Consumers with Culturally Fluent Ads

Whether you are targeting across all consumer segments, working to resonate with multicultural consumers generally, or targeting a specific race or ethnicity, our on-demand research presentation covers the bases on what works and why in ads–and provides examples from the brands that are winning in each case. 

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December 9, 2022
Victor Paredes – Executive Director of Cultural Strategy

CultureRate:Ad provides a one-stop solution for our members’ mounting need for a comprehensive, ongoing analysis of the cultural fluency of their ads. In combination with its sister product, CultureRate:Brand, CultureRate: Ad helps brands become more culturally fluent, a capability crucial to future growth as American consumers become more responsive to multicultural themes, representation, and stories.

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Differentiating and Winning with Cultural Fluency

At Collage Group, we measure the Cultural Fluency of ads by gauging consumer sentiment across key dimensions: Brand Fit, Relevance, Message and Enjoyment. These dimensions are weighed and combined to create the Ad Cultural Fluency Quotient (A-CFQ) score. The A-CFQ score gives members crucial insights into their brand’s resonance across multiple consumer segments, as well as where to focus strategies for improvement. The measure was designed to optimally balance cultural resonance with predictive power to drive brand favorability.

In our latest research, we call out key lessons from winning brands and ads to guide you as you plan your marketing campaigns into 2023. CultureRate:Ad data analyses convincingly reveal that culturally fluent advertising featuring a specific segment can and will resonate across broader audiences if done in an authentic, relatable way.

As you engage with young multicultural consumers through your cross-cultural advertising, our key takeaways and action steps include:

    1. Provide consumers with relief and release driving Enjoyment in a natural and organic manner to your brand essence.
    2. Lead with rich and purposeful inclusion of multicultural protagonists or celebrities to drive Relevance and Brand Fit. Backlash is very low when inclusion is intentional.
    3. Champion authentic, honest, and fluid self-expression to amplify Brand Fit and Relevance with consumers.
    4. Elevate music to a character that imprint the brand’s intent driving Relevance and Enjoyment.
    5. Highlight the cultural value of specific category needs ensuring Message importance.

Watch the on-demand webinar for more examples of executing on each action step.

Don’t get trapped by the false “trade-off” that implies investment in culturally targeted ads for specific segments comes at the expense of general market impact. Winning brand leaders now understand that culturally targeted ads can leverage powerful halo effects that can reach the general market without compromising segment-specific nuance. Use CultureRate to take control of your message and learn how to tell culturally authentic stories that work with all segments.

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Victor Paredes

Victor Paredes

Victor leverages his expertise in inclusive marketing and advertising in combination with Collage’s proprietary data and insights, to support clients. He is a successful marketing and advertising executive with proven experience in building practices that drive brand equity, sales, traffic, and qualified leads. His marketing experience spans sectors such as entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, retail, and direct to consumer services.

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